Institutional Review Board

Welcome to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Montreat College. The IRB is a vital component of our commitment to ethical research practices and the protection of human participants.

Mission and Purpose

The IRB is dedicated to ensuring that all research involving human participants, conducted by our students, faculty, and staff, adheres to the highest ethical standards and regulatory requirements. Our primary mission is to safeguard the rights, welfare, and well-being of individuals who participate in research projects affiliated with our institution.


The IRB plays a critical role in the research process, overseeing and reviewing all research protocols that involve human participants. This includes projects ranging from biomedical studies and social sciences to humanities and beyond. The IRB assesses the ethical and methodological aspects of proposed research to ensure that it aligns with the principles of respect, beneficence, and justice, as well as works to adhere to international norms in research such as the Nuremberg Code and the Belmont Report.

IRB Functions

  • Review Process: All research involving human participants, regardless of funding source or level of risk, must undergo review by the IRB. Researchers are required to submit their proposals through the Montreat College IRB submission process.
  • Ethical Oversight: The IRB ensures that research projects prioritize the rights and welfare of participants. It evaluates the informed consent process, privacy protection, and potential risks to participants, making certain that these aspects are thoroughly addressed.
  • Education and Training: We offer resources to assist researchers in understanding and implementing ethical research practices. Our goal is to enhance awareness of ethical considerations and foster a culture of responsible research.
  • Continuing Review: The IRB monitors ongoing research projects to ensure they remain in compliance with ethical guidelines and regulations. Researchers are required to submit updates on the progress of their projects, as well as any modifications to the initial protocol.
  • Reporting and Documentation: The IRB maintains comprehensive records of all research activities, reviews, and decisions. This documentation serves as a reference for accountability and transparency.

For further details on the IRB at Montreat College, please refer to the Faculty Handbook (p. 88-93).

Getting Started

For researchers planning to conduct studies involving human participants, the IRB provides guidelines, forms, and instructions for submission. Whether you are a seasoned investigator or a student embarking on your first research project, our resources are designed to facilitate a smooth and ethical research process.


Common Forms

Additional Forms



Contact Us

If you have any questions, require guidance, or need assistance with your research involving human participants, please don’t hesitate to contact the IRB office at Our IRB committee is here to support you through every stage of your research journey.

Thank you for your dedication to ethical research practices and your commitment to the well-being of human participants.

Montreat College Institutional Review Board