Spiritual Formation

Transformational Relationship

At Montreat College, we invite students into a transformational relationship with Jesus through encountering God’s story, engaging in authentic community, and participating in kingdom work.


Corporate worship reorients our perspective by creating space for us to encounter the power and relevance of Scripture and allowing our worship of God to define our engagement with life.


Lasting transformation happens through authentic relationships. At Montreat College, we create space for deep, transformational relationships to grow through three primary avenues.


At Montreat College, we seek to deepen our love for God and our neighbors by creating opportunities for students to serve both our local and global communities.

“I’ve had so many opportunities to grow in my faith and leadership at Montreat College.”

—Allison ’21


These are the people who contribute to creating and running our chapel services.

Special Events

Thielman Lecture Series

Faith and Culture Symposium

Big Questions & Prayer Requests

People have a lot of questions about God. A lot of “whys” about a lot of things that really hurt, and we’re going to acknowledge those questions. Feel free to anonymously ask your question(s) below (in less than 250 words). We’ll do our best to address it—whether on a panel in chapel or directly. That being said, know that not all questions will have answers or be answered. If that is the case, please refer to our resources page to see if the topic of your question has been addressed previously. If all else fails, we can refer you to some great resources to help you wrestle with these tough issues.

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“Where Christ is, there he always goes against the flow.” – Martin Luther