When it comes to your wedding day, destination matters. That’s why we’re happy to share our mountain cove chapel locations and Manor House to dress up to your specifications. Montreat College will provide a host as part of the rental cost. If you are using Graham Chapel or Chapel of the Prodigal, we will also provide a sound tech. Contact Lisa Auman, Wedding Services Coordinator, at to set up an appointment or tour the facilities​. Montreat College uses ARAMARK catering for weddings.

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Chapel of the Prodigal

Interior of the Chapel of the ProdigalChapel of the Prodigal is a special location which houses the only known true fresco by a master artist on the theme of the parable of the Prodigal Son, Return of the Prodigal, by North Carolinian artist Ben Long.

Graham Chapel

Graham Chapel WeddingGraham Chapel was built in 1935 and later renovated. Billy and Ruth Graham were married in Graham Chapel.

Photo courtesy of Sunday Grant Photography.