Special Events

Montreat College hosts a wide range of co-curricular programs and events dedicated to enriching the local community and educating students through intellectual inquiry, spiritual formation, and preparation for calling and career.


All students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and their family and friends are invited to Montreat’s Homecoming & Family weekend.

RETR3AT Cybersecurity Conference

The RETR3AT Cybersecurity Conference is an annual symposium featuring national leaders and innovators in the field of cybersecurity. The event is open to both Montreat students and the general public.

Thielman Lecture Series

Named in honor of longtime college chaplain Dr. Calvin Thielman, the Thielman lecture series brings in thought-leading speakers each year. Past speakers include Skye Jethani, Phil Vischer, Tony Campolo, Newt Gingrich, and Andrew Young.

Calling & Career Week

Calling & Career Week is a biennial symposium featuring speakers and resources from around the world, all focused on helping students discern and prepare for their calling and career. It is a chance to think, learn, and be inspired by a Christian vision of God’s call on our lives. It features main sessions and additional workshops dedicated to exploring a broad and deep Christian vision of calling and career.

Faith & Culture Symposium

Montreat College is committed to helping our students develop their ability to experience, engage, and learn from culture within the context of a Christ-centered worldview. As part of this commitment, the biennial Faith & Culture Symposium is designed to foster student engagement with the cultural arts: music, literature, film, theatre, and visual art. We acknowledge the centrality of the arts to the human experience, both as an expression of the human condition and as a revelation of God’s character, and we believe that the experience of the arts collectively is an essential part of a full Christian life and education.

Cavalier Care Day

Cavalier Care Day is Montreat’s way of intentionally showing care to the greater community. For one day annually, close to 400 students, athletic coaches, and staff members work together in small teams to address needs at local organizations. With an emphasis on service and character, students are seen volunteering at schools and churches, collecting food, cleaning up trash, sprucing up green spaces, assisting Veterans and the elderly, and beyond.

Christmas Concert

Montreat College hosts a Christmas Concert each December featuring the Montreat College Choir, the Montreat Chamber Orchestra, and the college’s contemporary ensembles.

Coda Music Festival

Coda Music Festival is Montreat College’s largest live music event of the year, featuring multiple acts on an outdoor stage overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and is known for great music and a safe, fan-friendly environment. Tickets available to both Montreat College students and the general public.