Compass | Montreat College Summer Immersion Experience

COMPASS Summer Experience

June 25-30, 2023

COMPASS is a week-long summer immersion program for high school students and rising college freshmen who would like to explore an academic field of interest with college-level instructors and get a taste of the college experience.


While programs for 2023 are still being determined, last year we offered the following COMPASS programs. A complete list of programs for 2023 will be available when registration goes live on November 1, 2022.

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Students who attend COMPASS will receive a $2,000 Montreat College scholarship.


The Psychology immersion program allows students to grow in self-awareness. Students will gain an understanding of current concepts and historical trends in the field of psychology. The activities in this program will help you learn how to describe, explain, and predict human behaviors and processes.


The Cybersecurity immersion programs allow students to participate in 20 hours of cybersecurity instruction and hands-on learning, fun evening activities, and an event-closing competition in which students will put their new knowledge to the test.

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science immersion program focuses on the principles of exercise science—what it encompasses, how it applies to healthy living, and what to do with a degree in the field. We will introduce various aspects of exercise science through a combination of lecture and laboratory activities.


The Herpetology immersion program will focus on an ecological study of reptiles and amphibians. The goals include finding and examining reptiles and amphibians, an introduction to scientific research data collection, and a lab component where we will discuss anatomy of snakes.

Audio Production

In the Audio Production immersion program, students will learn computer-based audio production, audio synthesis, basic audio acoustics, microphone technique, mixing, and how to navigate popular music production software—specifically, Ableton Live and Logic Pro X.

Criminal Justice

The new Criminal Justice immersion program will highlight key components of Basic Law Enforcement Training.  Inspired by real police academy topics and activities, this highly-interactive camp will include: handcuffing, traffic stops, fingerprinting, crime scene investigations and more!


Please contact COMPASS Program Director Laura Buckwalter via email at or via phone at 828.669.8012 ext. 3821. Or click the link below.