Grow in Faith

Lasting transformation happens through authentic relationships. At Montreat College, we create space for deep, transformational relationships to grow through these primary avenues.


Alpha is a series of talks (8 weeks, give or take) that include (really good) food, a video, and conversation. Whether or not you are connected to the Christian faith or any faith at all, Alpha takes time for a true exploration of life’s big questions in a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Is there more to this life than just this? Why do I feel so disconnected and anxious? What is my purpose? Who is Jesus? Each talk looks at a different question around faith and life and provides an opportunity to join a small group discussion. No question is off limits, and you can choose whether to share your thoughts and questions or simply observe. For more information, email Rachel at

BETA Groups

Be known. Engage Scripture. Trust Jesus. Act with justice and mercy.

Our student-led, adult-mentored small groups allow students to dive deep together into Bible study and historic Christian practices. Groups meet in a local family home and are centered on fellowship, food, open discussion, and a biblical perspective. We welcome and encourage all students to join, no matter where they may be in their faith journey.

To plug into a community through a BETA Group, email Rachel at

Pastoral Care

Montreat College desires that all students know they are being actively prayed for and that campus is a safe place to wrestle with the hard questions of faith and life.

As the Dean of Spiritual Formation, Rev. Rachel Toone provides spiritual direction and leadership on campus. If there’s something on your mind (theological or otherwise), she would love to talk. Feel free to drop by her office or set up an appointment via email at

The Local Church

While deeply committed to the spiritual formation of our students, Montreat College is not the local church. We are equally committed to connecting students with local, thriving church communities where the primary responsibility of Christian discipleship resides.

If you’re looking for a church community, email Rachel at