Housing Information and Policies

Listed below is information connected to both new and current students as they consider the on-campus living experience. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Housing Coordinator at 828.669.8012 x3630 or housing@montreat.edu.

New Students

For all new and incoming students there are a number of important forms that our office needs in order for us to properly house you.

Additional Housing Information

For any current student desiring to change rooms during a specific semester, please see our Room Change and Consolidations Policies.

For any student desiring more information pertaining to support and accommodations, please turn to the Residence Life Accommodations Informational sheet. If after reviewing this sheet, you would like to submit a request, please complete the Accommodations Request Form.

Either during the housing draw (for current students) or upon arrival to campus in August (for new students), each student will be required to review and sign the Housing Contract.

Additional information on our ESA Policy, Service Animal Policy, Pet Policy, and other institutional policies can be found on the college’s student handbook.

Additional Forms

As noted in the FAQ section, students desiring to live off-campus must qualify under one of the following categories:

  • Local (less than 40 mile radius from Montreat College Main Campus) and living with parent
  • Married
  • 21 years old or above (during the semester)
  • Graduate student
  • Having already completed 8 semesters (consisting of 12 more or credits each)
  • Part-time student (carrying 11 credit hours or less the entire time off campus)

If you qualify and would like to request approval to live off-campus, please complete the Off-Campus Request Form.

For student seeking to live in a private room, please complete the Private Room Request Form. It should be stated that Students are not typically given private rooms, as we want them to be in and grow through the experience of community. Private rooms are an additional charge and are based on availability.

For any students in need of specific accommodations pertaining to housing, dining, etc., may complete the Accommodations Request Form. Please do not complete this form until after you have thoroughly read through the Residence Life Accommodations Informational sheet.