Housing Draw

March 1 – March 31

This is important information for students to use regarding housing.

Please read carefully and follow all the directions.

Complete a Housing Card (March 1-24)

  • Housing Cards must be submitted by all students – This card is to show your intent to return to Montreat College, and to indicate your housing preference. This card must be submitted prior to selecting a room in either the early online Priority Application or the Virtual Room Draw Event processes to secure housing.
  • Housing Cards will be distributed March 1st and are due March 24.
  • Housing Cards are distributed by the Residence Life staff – Additional cards are available with the RAs/RDs of each building and in the Student Life Office on Belk second floor.
  • Want to check out future spaces before making a housing selection on the Housing Card? – Open Houses for Ridgecrest (male and female) and Lookout Lodge (male)
    • Monday March 7 (7-9 p.m.)
    • Tuesday March 22 (7-9 p.m.)

Optional: early online Priority Application (March 1-18)

  • Priority Application will be released with the Housing Cardstart your application today. The early online Priority Application is only available from March 1- 18
  • Want to skip the Virtual Room Draw Event? – Priority Application is for (1) anyone looking to live at Ridgecrest, (2) students in the Honors Program choosing Honors Housing or (3) *qualifying rising sophomores. You would fill out the application to sign up for housing and then secure your space prior to the Virtual Room Draw Event. You will receive communication from the Housing Office confirming your secured space and releasing you from attending the Virtual Room Draw Event.
    • Any returning student can request Ridgecrest.
    • Students in the Honors Program can choose a space in the Honors Living Learning Communities.
      • Female buildings/spaces: RCAnderson House (10) & Sylvan Lodge (17)
      • Male buildings/spaces: Balsam Lodge (16)
    • *Qualifying rising sophomores can choose from “sophomore only” options in Howerton and McGregor (limited spaces available on a first come first serve basis). To be qualified you must complete the following by March 18 at 5pm:
      • 1)Registration for Fall 2022 classes
      • 2)Housing Card
      • 3)Priority Application

 Virtual Room Draw Event (March 29-31)

  • All students must attend unless otherwise designated by the Housing Office
  • Invite to Virtual Room Draw Event sent by March 28 – After removing all holds, registering for classes and completing the Housing Card, by March 24 at 5pm – you will be emailed an invitation to the Virtual Room Draw Event by March 28.
  • Virtual Room Draw Event:
    • Rising Seniors – March 29 – 3-6pm
    • Rising Juniors – March 30 – 3-6pm
    • Rising Underclassmen – March 31 – 3-6pm
    • To confirm class ranking check transcripts on MAP or with the Registrar’s Office. Housing selection times for the Virtual Room Draw Event are based on cumulative credits earned (as of Spring 2022) so make sure that any transfer courses and CLEP credits have been posted to your transcript by March 11, 2022.
  • If students cannot attend at the assigned time – After completing the Housing Card and being emailed an invitation, if you are not able to attend the Virtual Room Draw Event you will be housed according to the information provided on your Housing Card.  You will be emailed the assignment and required to complete steps to secure that space.
  • Roommates – Students who wish to room together should plan to attend the housing draw together, in order to select their room.
  • No roommate? – If you do not have a chosen roommate, one will be assigned to you by the Housing Coordinator. You will be directed to fill out the Returning Student Housing Form to assist in roommate placement. You will be notified of your assigned roommate as soon as possible.

REMEMBER: Students cannot sign up for housing until they are registered for classes.

Additional Information

Late Housing Applications

Any student who was unable to sign up for housing through the Housing Draw processes, can contact the Housing Coordinator at housing@montreat.edu to still sign up for available housing.

Looking to live Off Campus?

Requirements for Living Off Campus – You must fill out the online request form. You must qualify under Student Life Policy and receive official approval from the Housing Office to live Off Campus. Qualifications for living Off Campus:

  • Living locally with parent/guardian (40 mile radius of Montreat College Main Campus)
  • Married
  • 21 years old or above (during the semester requesting)
  • Graduate student
  • Having already completed 8 semesters (each consisting of 12 or more credits)
  • Part-time status (carrying 11 credit hours or less the entire time off campus)
  • Special student

Please Note: Financial aid is calculated differently for Off Campus than On Campus.  If you are considering moving Off Campus, please check with Student Financial Services (SFS) about your financial package before requesting to live Off Campus. SFS cannot give you permission to live Off Campus. SFS can only advise you about your financial package and any financial appeals. Permission to live Off Campus will only come through the Housing Office via the Housing Coordinator.