Faculty Process for Requesting Testing Services

  1. Complete the test request form. For each student needing to take a make-up test/exam (or take an exam early), the faculty member must complete the test request form. Please allow at least 2 days notice prior to the exam to ensure the availability of our staff and preparation needed for the testing.
  2. When filling out the form, please be specific. Be as specific as possible with the information you provide so that the students and proctors can follow the rules established by the instructor. Proctors are not allowed to make exceptions on materials or time limits.
  3. For students receiving testing accommodations through Disability Services, please Indicate the preferred date and time that test will be taken. (This is generally the same time that the test will be given in class). Scheduling is subject to availability of staff and testing stations. In the event that a preferred date and/or time are not available, we will work to schedule the exam within 24 hours of the preferred date/time.
  4. For all other students taking early or make-up exams, test proctoring will take place only on Friday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in Library Classroom 105, next door to the Thrive Center. Faculty are required to complete the Testing Services Request Form by the Wednesday prior to the Friday testing time.
  5. Drop off your test. Please bring the exam to Ashley Rhymer, Academic Support Specialist and Disability Services Coordinator, in the Thrive Center (Bell Library, first floor) or send it via email to ashley.rhymer@montreat.edu 24 hours before the test is scheduled. The test should include the name of the instructor, the name of the student(s), and the course name and section.
  6. Get the test back. Once the test has been completed by the student, the student’s test will be returned to the faculty member’s campus box in a sealed envelope or the test will be available for pick up from Ashley Rhymer, Academic Support Specialist, in the Thrive Center, whichever was indicated on the test request form. Students are not allowed to leave the Thrive Center with a test.