Resources for Faculty

The Thrive Center can help faculty refer students to the Thrive Center, recommend potential tutors, and access the Catalyst system.

Refer Students for Academic Support

  • Academic Counselors are available to meet with students to assist with study skill development such as time management, test preparation, effective reading, note taking, and more.
  • Academic Fellows (peer tutors) are available to help students understand and master content in several academic subjects, and can also provide study skill coaching.
  • The Writing Center provides Writing Scholars and other resources to support students in every aspect of the writing process.

Nominate a Student for the Academic Fellows Program

The Academic Fellows Program provides peer tutoring from students recommended by faculty for their academic strengths and ability to coach others towards success. To recommend a student to the Academic Fellows Program, please submit a nomination form. Academic Fellows are student employees and will receive peer tutoring training through the Thrive Center.

Testing Service Request Form

Follow this link to begin the process for faculty requesting proctoring for early, make up, and accommodation test situations.

Access Catalyst

Send a course progress report to a student through Catalyst to directly provide feedback about progress in particular class.