Interdisciplinary Studies

At Montreat College, we know that one size does not fit all.

That’s why we give students the opportunity to design a unique major that draws from areas of interest in two or more academic disciplines. Students pursuing a major in Interdisciplinary Studies will work with a faculty advisor to individualize a program that will allow a student to successfully accomplish identified goals.

The Interdisciplinary Studies minor is structured to broadly expose students to Liberal Arts studies and multiple disciplines, resulting in the enhancement of critical thinking skills and engagement of issues from various perspectives. The minor allows students to create a plan for including courses to satisfy educational goals that may not be met by a pre-established degree program.

Faculty in the program are determined through the selection of courses included by the student in the development of their individual Interdisciplinary Studies program.

For more information, consult the Academic Catalog. Contact your faculty advisor or the Thrive Center to get started.