GlobalEd Programs

Montreat College students have access to a number of international and domestic off-campus opportunities offered through the “GlobalEd” program of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

International GlobalEd Programs

Middle East Studies Program (MESP)

The Middle East Studies Program, based in Jerusalem, allows Council students to explore and interact with the complex and strategic world of the modern Middle East. The interdisciplinary seminars give students the opportunity to explore the diverse religious, social, cultural and political traditions of Middle Eastern people. In addition to seminars, students study the Arabic language, experience a week-long homestay, and work as volunteers with various organizations in Jerusalem. Through travel to Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia and Turkey, students are exposed to the diversity and dynamism of the region. The MESP encourages and equips students to relate to the Muslim world in an informed, constructive, and Christ-centered manner at a time of tension and change. Students earn 16 semester hours of credit. To learn more, visit:

Scholarship and Christianity at Oxford – Summer OR Semester

Options include a full semester and a shorter summer program. The most update information on this program can be found here:

Domestic GlobalEd Programs

Nashville – Contemporary Music Center (CMC)

The Contemporary Music Center is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and offers students the opportunity to spend a semester studying, living, and working with faculty, music industry experts, and other students who share an interest in making and marketing contemporary music. The program is designed especially for students considering a career as a musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, artist manager, booking agent, A and R director, marketing executive, music publisher, concert promoter, or entertainment industry entrepreneur. In addition to core courses investigating the music industry and the intersection of faith and culture, students can choose between the artist track, business track, and technical track. Students who elect to take the artist track will use their time outside of the formal classroom setting to create a portfolio of original songs, make demo recordings, and develop a compelling live concert presentation. Business track students will work with the artists in career direction and management; recording contract negotiations; planning, budgeting, and producing artist demo sessions; and creating and executing a record marketing and sales plan. Students on the technical track will develop advanced audio engineering and recording skills. All students will participate in a culminating concert tour practicum. Students will earn 16 semester hours of credit. To learn more, visit:

Washington, D.C. – The American Studies Program (ASP)

A semester with ASP will equip you with the tools and experiences you need to translate your campus education into a Christ-centered career in professional leadership and service. Through intensive internships, fieldwork, and coursework, nurture the leader within during your experience at ASP. The most updated information on this program can now be found here:

For guidance in choosing an off-campus program, please feel free to contact the Thrive Center!