Academic Coaching

As a college student, life can be busy. Between class preparation, campus activities, and social commitments, finding balance is essential. Meeting with an academic coach can help you find that balance.

An academic coaching session helps you:

Establish Your Why

Identifying what you want to accomplish is an important first step. It is easy to find yourself overwhelmed by tasks and commitments that you forget to orient yourself around a purpose. An academic coaching session will help you determine your overarching objective. Once your ‘why’ is clear we will move to the next step- establishing the ‘how’.

Establish Your How and When

So you have a long term goal in mind, but that is not enough. You need a plan to meet that goal. This is the ‘how’. A goal needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time based. An academic coaching session helps you focus your SMART goal and sets you on the path to achieving.

Establish a Supportive Connection

Success is not accomplished alone. Academic coaching provides ongoing connection and support as new obstacles present themselves.

Are you ready to begin your coaching journey?