Returning Student Check-in

Important Information for Fall 2020

We are committed to helping you through the following steps leading up to your check-in in August. After a very unexpected and extended absence due to COVID-19, we are excited to welcome you back to campus! Pay careful attention to the instructions in each section below. The links direct you to the appropriate place where you will find additional forms or directions. As a reminder, your bill must be paid in full or you must have established a bill payment plan before you can move into the residence halls and begin classes, so be sure to work through all the sections on this page before you get to the Student Account section. Returning student move-in is currently scheduled for Monday, August 17, 2020. (Please note that some fall athletes may be returning at earlier time/dates.) Please continue to check your Montreat email for more check-in details.

Course Registration

If you have not yet registered for spring semester classes, be sure to take care of that before the end of the spring semester. The best opportunity to connect with faculty members is while school is still in session, so if you need help connecting with an advisor from your area of interest, let us know! You can start the process by reviewing the available course offerings and schedule by semester and year.

View the course schedule

Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office at 828-669-8012 ext. 3735 or stop by their office in Gaither Hall.


If you have not yet made your housing plans for next semester, please take care of that as soon as possible. If you are planning to move off-campus, keep in mind that your financial aid is impacted by this change. Institutional aid is reduced by 50% for students living off-campus. Please let Student Services and the Student Financial Services Office know of your housing plans so can make sure you have the correct financial aid award and bill.

Housing questions? Email or check out the housing information and policies page for more information.

On-Campus Parking

Parking registration for the 2020-2021 academic year is not yet available. Details will be communicated to students in the near future.

Financial Aid

If you have questions about your financial aid for this current school year, please connect with the Student Financial Services team.

If you have any outstanding documents that are needed, please use the financial aid portal to complete that process. On the home page of the portal, follow the instructions for logging in.

Access the financial aid portal

Contact Student Financial Services at 800.545.4656 or stop by their office in Gaither Hall.

Student Account

We’re committed to helping you work through your educational investment at Montreat College. In order for you to receive an accurate and up-to-date bill, it’s important that you complete the financial aid process in its entirety so that all financial aid (scholarships, grant, and loans) can be credited to your student bill. Bills for registered students were sent out starting in May and will continue as students complete the various tasks on this webpage. Your bill must be paid in full or a payment plan set up for the full balance before you can move into the residence halls and begin classes.

Access payment options

Make Online Payment or set up a payment plan

Montreat College offers 5- and 4-month semester payment plans for this semester only (Spring 2021 will return to 6 month plans).

Fall-semester payment plans must be paid in full by November 1 and Spring-semester payment plans must be paid in full by April 1.

Schedule of Fall semester plan payments:

  • 5-month plans begin June 1
  • 4-month plans begin July 1
  • 3-month plans begin August 1

Schedule of Spring semester plan payments:

  • 6-month plans begin November 1
  • 5-month plans begin December 1
  • 4-month plans begin January 1

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services at 800.545.4656 or email