Returning Student Check-in

Important Information for 2018-19

We’re committed to helping you through the following steps leading up to check-in in August and the start of fall semester classes. We can’t wait to see you back on campus after a refreshing summer break! Pay careful attention to the instructions in each section below. The links direct you to the appropriate place where you will find additional forms or directions. As a reminder, your bill must be paid in full before you can move into the dorms and begin classes, but be sure to work through all the sections on this page before you get to the Student Accounts section. Returning student check-in is scheduled for Monday, August 20 from 11am to 3pm at the Bell Library unless instructed otherwise (some fall sports teams and student leaders may be approved for early return).

Course Registration

If you have not yet registered for fall semester classes, be sure to take care of that before the end of the semester. The best opportunity to connect with faculty members is while school is still in session, so if you need help connecting with an advisor from your area of interest, let us know! You can start the process by reviewing the available course offerings and schedule by semester and year.

View the course schedule

Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office at 828-669-8012 ext. 3735 or stop by their office in Gaither Hall.


If you have not yet made your housing plans for next year, please take care of that as soon as possible. If you are planning to move off-campus, keep in mind that your financial aid is impacted by this change. Institutional aid is reduced by 50% for students living off-campus. Please let Student Services and the Financial Aid office know if your plans change and you want to live on-campus. We can make adjustments to your financial aid award at that time. The following student information form is required of all students.

Submit the Student Information/Emergency Contact Form (all students)

Submit the Housing form (all students)

Housing questions? Contact Student Services at 828-669-8012 ext. 3630 or stop by their office in Belk.

On-Campus Parking

All Montreat College students must complete a vehicle registration form and indicate if they’ll have a car on campus. When completing the form, students who wish to have a car on campus can select a gold or blue parking permit. The gold permit costs $250/year and allows students to park in designated parking spaces on the main Montreat campus. (The Gold parking plan is full; more information about the wait list is on the parking policy page.)

For $150/year, students can choose a blue parking permit and park at the Black Mountain campus and take a shuttle to and from campus. From August 15 to May 15 on Monday-Friday from 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m., students must park in the parking areas that correspond to their parking permit. These can be found on the parking map.

If you are not going to have a car on campus, please complete the No Car on Campus form.

Parking Map

Register your vehicle

Parking questions? Contact Student Services at 828-669-8012 x3631.


We are committed to a Christ-centered athletic program distinguished by high caliber teams, strong academic performance, and character development. If you are planning on being a part of one of our 17 teams, there are several documents that you are required to sign and submit before you can be cleared to begin practice. Note that some of the forms require the signature of a parent/guardian if you are a minor.

Download the Physical Form and complete before arriving to campus. Please bring, or email, the completed form to your head coach. You must turn in a copy of your insurance card (front AND back) upon arriving to campus.

View and print physical form

Questions? Contact your coach.

Health Insurance

All full-time students are required to have a qualifying health insurance plan. Montreat College offers a comprehensive and affordable illness and injury plan through United Healthcare. Information about health insurance open enrollment is available to registered students now. During the open enrollment period, an insurance waiver is available online for students who are already enrolled in a qualifying plan. All other students must elect coverage by completing an insurance application online during the open enrollment period; the cost for health insurance will be billed to Fall statements.

Enroll and select insurance coverage or
Waive insurance coverage

Questions about the insurance coverage? Contact First Student at 800-505-4160.
Questions about your bill? Contact Student Financial Services at 800-545-4656.

Financial Aid

We work with each student to create a personalized financial aid package. Our financial aid policies consider merit, need, and other abilities—matching financial aid packages to your personal situation. There are several steps involved in applying for and receiving financial aid each year, so please pay careful attention to the steps outlined below.

If you have not yet completed your 2018-19 FAFSA, get started at

If you have already received a financial aid award letter, please use our financial aid portal to complete the steps in the process, including accepting your financial aid awards and accessing loan options. On the home page of the portal, follow the instructions for logging in.

Access the financial aid portal

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services at 800-545-4656 or stop by their office in Gaither Hall.

Student Account

We’re committed to helping you work through your educational investment at Montreat College. In order for you to receive an accurate and up-to-date bill, it’s important that you complete the financial aid process in its entirety so that all financial aid (scholarships, grant, and loans) can be credited to your student bill. Your bill must be paid in full before you can move into the dorms and begin classes.

Access payment options

View and set up a payment plan

Make Online Payment

Did you know that you can enroll in a payment plan even before you receive your official bill? We offer 6, 5 and 4 month semester payment plans. In order to keep your monthly payment amount as low as possible, it is recommended that you enroll in a 6 month plan by May 1. After receiving your financial aid award letter, you can estimate your monthly payment using the following calculation:

Total charges minus aid offered = Remaining balance
Your remaining balance divided by 6 (or 5 or 4) months = your monthly amount.

While there is an initial set-up fee of $50, there is no fee to adjust your monthly payment amount once you get your bill. All plans must be paid in full by Oct 1 of fall semester and April 1 of spring semester.

Schedule of fall semester plan payments:

  • 6-month plans begin May 1
  • 5-month plans begin June 1
  • 4-month plans begin July 1
  • 3-month plans begin August 1

Schedule of spring semester plan payments:

  • 6-month plans begin November 1
  • 5-month plans begin December 1
  • 4-month plans begin January 1

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services at 800-545-4656.