Returning Student Check-in

Important Information for Fall 2023

This page gives information on the fall 2023 check-in. Information on spring 2024 is coming soon.

ALL RETURNING STUDENTS (including residential and commuters) are required to follow these steps for fall check in. You are a returning student if you’re a residential or commuter student who has completed ONE OR MORE semesters at Montreat College.

Returning Student Check-in | Monday, August 21st | 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
NOTE: Fall Athletes & Student Leaders are expected to return to campus earlier than the rest of the student body. Fall Student Athletes & Leaders will receive a separate email with instructions for their check in.

Who: Any RETURNING STUDENT (both residential and commuter) who has completed 1 or more semesters at Montreat College.
Returning students are expected to report to campus on Monday, August 21st, no later than 3:00 p.m.

Where: Anderson Auditorium//L. Nelson Bell Library

All students must report to the Anderson Auditorium parking lot upon arrival to campus. Residential students will not be permitted to move into their residence hall until they check in at Anderson Auditorium.

Students who have not been cleared to check in will be directed to the Library to complete missing steps.

When: Students must report to campus at the designated times below based on the first letter of their last name.

  • A-G: 9-11 a.m.
  • H-Q: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • R-Z: 1:00-3:00 p.m.

Check in will close promptly at 3 p.m. Please arrive on time. As a reminder, fines will be assessed for non-attendance or late arrival.

Returning Student Checklist

  1. Financial
    Make sure you have all of your financial aid paperwork completed and in order via the Financial Aid Portal.
  2. Course
    Register for classes or double check your course schedule via the Montreat Access Portal.
    Check out the Housing Information and Policies page that lists items to complete for both residential and commuter students.
  4. On-Campus
    Register your vehicle using the Vehicle Registration Form or let us know that you don’t have a plan for a vehicle via the No Car on Campus Form.
  5. Student
    Have a plan for your Fall balance. Explore your Payment Options and have everything set up before your arrival to campus.

Financial Aid

If you have questions about your financial aid for this current school year, please connect with the Student Financial Services team.

If you have any outstanding documents, please use the financial aid portal to complete them. On the homepage of the portal, follow the instructions for logging in.

Access the Financial Aid Portal

Contact Student Financial Services at 800.545.4656 or stop by their office in Gaither Hall.

Course Registration

If you have not yet registered your courses for next semester, you can do it any time in MAP, borrowing any financial holds. Register as soon as possible; courses are filling. Please note: a minimum of 12 credit hours is needed to be a full-time student. If you need to contact your advisor, use the Campus Directory to locate his/her email address.

Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office at 828-669-8012 ext. 3735, email or stop by their office in Gaither Hall.


You need to have either your on campus housing assignment secured or have your email approval to live off campus.

On Campus

If you have not yet secured your housing space for next semester, you want to do it as soon as possible. Filling out the Housing Card alone is not securing a space. Your place in on campus housing is secured after you have your hall and room number and have been directed to fill out the Housing Contract.

Action: Email if you have not received your hall/room # information and have not completed the Housing Contract for the upcoming year.

Off Campus

If you are planning to live off-campus**, you must have an email approval from the Housing Office. Check out the qualifications to live Off Campus and the link to the Off Campus Request Form at the Housing Information and Policies Page. **Please keep in mind that your financial aid is impacted by this change. Institutional aid is reduced by 50% for students living off-campus.

Action: You must let the Student Life/Housing Office and the Student Financial Services Office know of your housing intentions so you can make sure you have the correct approvals (from Student Life/Housing Office) and financial aid award and bill (from Student Financial Services). Fill out the Off Campus Request Form and email

Housing questions? Email or check out the Housing Information and Policies Page for more information.


Our 2023-2024 vehicle registration portal is officially open. As a reminder, all new and returning students must indicate if they will or will not have a car on campus. If you are bringing a vehicle with you to campus, you must complete our Vehicle Registration Form. If you are not bringing a vehicle to campus, please complete our No Car on Campus Form.

You can learn more about the different parking permit options at Campus Parking. All students were automatically billed for their designated parking permit (gold, silver, or blue). However, you still must register your vehicle in order to receive the parking permit or if you will not be bringing a car to campus, please complete the No Car on Campus Form to have the fee removed from your bill. For those who register a vehicle before Sunday, August 1, your parking permit will be in your room at the time of check-in (if you are living on campus). If you register a vehicle after August 1, you will need to pick up your parking permit at the Student Life Office (2nd floor, Belk). Commuter students will need to come by the Student Life Office (2nd Floor, Belk) to pick up parking permits.

Please review our Parking Policies, and direct any questions to

Student Account

We’re committed to helping you work through your educational investment at Montreat College. In order for you to receive an accurate and up-to-date bill, it’s important that you complete the financial aid process in its entirety so that all financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans) can be credited to your student bill. Bills for registered students were sent out starting in May and will continue as students complete the various tasks on the Financial Services webpage. Your bill must be paid in full or a payment plan set up for the full balance before you can move into the residence halls and begin classes.

Access Payment Options

Make Online Payment or Set Up a Payment Plan

Montreat College offers 5- and 4-month semester payment plans for this semester only (Spring 2024 will return to 6 month plans).

Fall-semester payment plans must be paid in full by November 1 and Spring-semester payment plans must be paid in full by April 1.

Schedule of Fall semester plan payments:

  • 5-month plans begin June 1
  • 4-month plans begin July 1
  • 3-month plans begin August 1

Schedule of Spring semester plan payments:

  • 6-month plans begin November 1
  • 5-month plans begin December 1
  • 4-month plans begin January 1

Questions? Contact Student Financial Services at 800.545.4656 or email