Keystone Scholarship

Christ is our keystone—the source of our strength. Without his blessings, we would fall. Just like the stones of the Montreat arch, we rely on the support of our center stone—the keystone—to stand tall.


A timeless gift

Our students rely on Christ above all else. They also face the realities of tuition, room, and board expenses. Many students depend on the intentional giving of the Montreat community to complete their studies. The Keystone Scholarship is often the piece that holds it all together for them. You can be a part of that positive force—sending thoughtful, confident Christian graduates out into the world. We believe so strongly in this work that we raise money every year for the Keystone Scholarship Fund. And unlike most other schools, our annual fund is dedicated solely to academic- and need-based scholarships for our students. We believe in the power of a Christ-centered education. And we act on it. So can you.

Our Keystone Scholarship is the primary way we recruit and retain students. It keeps us competitive with other institutions.

Without the Keystone Scholarship, many students would be forced to leave Montreat. Every year, over 600 alumni and friends of the college provide critical support to over 450 students. Thank you to the hundreds of individuals and organizations who underwrite the Keystone Scholarship each year.