Spiritual Formation FAQs

When and where?

Compline – Mondays at 9 p.m. in the Chapel of the Prodigal
Chapel – Wednesdays at 10 a.m. in Graham Chapel

What’s the difference between Convocation, Chapel, and Compline?

Convocation is a primarily academic gathering, where we engage culture within the context of a Christ-centered worldview. Montreat College is first and foremost an educational institution. Thus, this gathering is an expectation of our entire community. See the Convocation Schedule for location and details.

Chapel focuses on worship and the preached Word, takes place on Wednesday mornings in Graham Chapel, and typically involves student-led worship and a brief sermon that ties into the semester-long series.

Compline (pronounced “Com-plin” as in “twin”) is an historic, evening prayer service that runs for about 30 minutes. Based on the Book of Common Prayer, this service is entirely student-led and involves corporate Scripture reading, singing, and prayer. Compline takes place in the Chapel of the Prodigal on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

For additional information, see Worship at Montreat.

Is chapel attendance required?

Although our chapels aren’t mandatory, a large percentage of our student body regularly attends to worship and grow through biblical teaching, discussion panels, and student and staff testimonies. 

All full-time undergraduate students must earn five convocation credits each semester. For more information, see the Convocation Policy.

What happens if I don’t meet the convocation attendance requirement?

Should any student fail to comply with the convocation requirement, a $50 fine will be charged to his or her student account per missed credit. If a student does not wish to pay the fine for any reason, he or she may petition the Dean of Spiritual Formation to complete one of the following alternatives: 1) complete a written assignment, or 2) complete community service hours. For more details, see the Convocation Policy.

What is Alpha?

Join a conversation. Alpha is a series of talks (8 weeks, give or take) that include (really good) food, a video, and conversation. Whether or not you are connected to the Christian faith or any faith at all, Alpha takes time for a true exploration of life’s big questions in a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Is there more to this life than just this? Why do I feel so disconnected and anxious? What is my purpose? Who is Jesus? Each talk looks at a different question around faith and life and provides an opportunity to join a small group discussion. No question is off limits, and you can choose whether to share your thoughts and questions or simply observe.

To learn more, click here reach out to Rachel at rachel.toone@montreat.edu.

I want to fulfill my convocation attendance requirement with the written assignment. Where do I find the prompt?

To receive the prompt, email Rachel at rachel.toone@montreat.edu. The text for the written assignment changes each semester and the page length depends upon the number of credits missed, so you must request the written assignment from Rachel before the last chapel of the semester. For more information, see our Convocation Policy.

I’d like to make an announcement or have a slide up before chapel. Who do I ask?

Email Rachel at rachel.toone@montreat.edu at least two business days before chapel. Not all requests will be granted, and any requests outside the required time frame may not be accommodated until a later date.

I’m passionate about music, art, spoken word, poetry, and/or sound and video tech. Who do I talk to about using these gifts in chapel?

We would love to talk with you! Email Professor Pete Buchwald at peter.buchwald@montreat.edu.

I’m an intern/student teacher/commuter with extenuating circumstances. Does the convocation requirement still apply to me?

Students with degree-required internships, student teaching responsibilities, and some commuters with extenuating circumstances may be eligible for an exemption by submitting a written request to the Dean of Spiritual Formation prior to registration or no later than one week following the beginning of classes each semester. For more information, see our Convocation Policy.

If I want to participate in community service or mission trips, what are my options?

View our local service and mission opportunities.