Chapel FAQs

When and where is chapel?

Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 AM in Graham Chapel.

If I want to participate in community service or mission trips, what are my options?

View our local service and mission opportunities.

What is the chapel attendance requirement?

15 credits per semester for each grade. 5 of the 15 credits are electives, which you can acquire through regular chapels or pre-approved community service, special lectures, and other options. All elective credits must be pre-approved by the Dean of Spiritual Formation before the end of the first month of the semester.

What happens if I don’t meet the chapel attendance requirement?

You may choose from two options. 1) You may pay $25 per missed credit hour (this is automatically applied to your account at the end of the semester). 2) If you don’t want to pay a fine, you may request a reading and writing assignment from the Dean of Spiritual Formation, which is due one week after the last chapel of the semester. This assignment must be requested prior to the last chapel of the semester and is due one week after the last chapel of the semester. Written assignments will be considered completed strictly dependent upon the Dean of Spiritual Formation’s discernment. For more information, see our spiritual formation policy.

I want to fulfill my chapel attendance requirement with the written assignment. Where do I find the prompt?

The text for the written assignment changes each semester and the page length depends upon the number of chapel credits missed, so you must request the written assignment from Rachel before the last chapel of the semester. Just send her an email at rachel.toone@montreat.edu. For more information, see our spiritual formation policy.

I’d like to make an announcement or have a slide up before chapel. Who do I ask?

Email Rachel at rachel.toone@montreat.edu at least two business days before chapel. Not all requests will be granted, and any made outside of the required time frame may not be accommodated until a later date.

I’m passionate about music, art, spoken word, poetry, and/or sound and video tech. Who do I talk to about using these gifts in chapel?

Rachel would love to talk with you! Email her at rachel.toone@montreat.edu.

I’m an intern/student teacher/commuter with extenuating circumstances. Does chapel still apply to me?

Students with internships, student teaching responsibilities, and some commuters with extenuating circumstances may be eligible for an exemption by submitting a written request to the Dean of Spiritual Formation prior to registration or no later than one week following the beginning of classes each semester. For more information, see the spiritual formation policy.