Room/Roommate Changes and Consolidation

For new incoming students (including freshmen and transfers), each individual student must complete the Housing Form on the Accepted Students webpage. Communications about room/roommate change may be sent in only following the submission of the student’s Housing Form. All placements are dependent on the current housing availability at the time of the request.  Additionally, requesting a roommate or a room/roommate change does not guarantee that placement or change is able to be made. Any requests made or changes requested after June 1st for the upcoming Fall Semester are based off availability and cannot be guaranteed.

For returning students, room/roommate change requests made before June 1st are based off availability and requests made after June 1st may not be accommodated.

Mid-year room/roommate changes are available for all residents to request in the month of November.  The Housing Coordinator and the Office of Residence Life will communicate the process and forms to use to all on-campus students. These moves will be approved on a case by case basis by the Housing Coordinator in conjunction with Residence Life Staff. Prior to or in conjunction with the room/roommate change request, students will participate in the steps necessary to approach community life and relationships with the upmost respect. Before students are approved to change rooms or roommates, Residence Life Staff will work with each resident involved to determine the reason behind the request and if there are any additional measures available before honoring the request(s). If there is ever a roommate conflict or challenge, we ask that a residence life staff member be made aware as to provide the proper support needed. Any mid-year room change can be connected to spring semester consolidation, however, it is our intention for all students to experience a safe and healthy living environment. Therefore, the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to make changes on an as needed basis when it is determined that safety and health are in question or of concern.

All room changes must be approved through the Office of Residence Life and the Housing Coordinator. Room Change Request forms are available from the Office of Residence Life and will be made available during specific dates. If a student makes an unauthorized room change, the student may be asked to return to the original space, receive additional fines, and/or face further disciplinary action.


If during the academic year, a student is without a roommate or a space is vacated by their roommate, that student will be asked to undergo room consolidation. At the time of consolidation, the Housing Coordinator will provide a list of students as to assist with the coordination between students. The goal is to consolidate those residents within the first weeks of the semester, but as situations arise, a need to consolidate may be implemented at any time in the semester.  Residents will be notified by the Housing Coordinator and Residence Life Staff.

Every effort will be made to ensure fairness and equity in the housing process. Any student in the above mentioned circumstances (without a roommate and without prior approval for a Private Room) must pursue/participate in one of the following options:

  1. Consolidate with another student who is without a roommate
  2. Prepare to receive a roommate who is currently housed with a student who has prior approval for a Private Room (with proper documentation).

The Housing Coordinator, coordinating with the Residence Directors, will provide a list of students needing roommates. Students must make appropriate arrangements in a timely manner or they will be charged a private room fee, until another roommate can be placed with them. This placement of another resident could be anytime within the semester/academic year.