Residence Life FAQs

On-Campus Living and Costs

Do most students live on campus?

Yes, if you are a School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) student. We are a residential campus, so a large percentage of our students live on campus for a majority of their time here.

Do I have to live on campus?

Yes, if you are a School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) student, unless you qualify for one of the following categories:

  • Local (less than 40 mile radius from Montreat College Main Campus) and living with parent
  • Married
  • 21 years old or above (during the semester)
  • Graduate student
  • Having already completed 8 semesters (consisting of 12 more or credits each)
  • Part-time student (carrying 11 credit hours or less the entire time off campus)

Is there a scholarship reduction if I live off-campus?

Financial aid is calculated differently for on-campus options than off-campus options. The amount offered for off-campus may be less than on-campus. Be sure and check with Student Financial Services before making decisions about housing and financial aid.

Can I have a single room? Do I have to have a roommate?

Students are not typically given private rooms, as we want them to be in and grow through the experience of community. Private rooms are an additional charge and are based on availability.

Is there a price difference between a double room and a triple room?

Yes, double rooms cost the regular room charge and triple rooms are discounted by 15%, in our main four residence halls (Anderson, McGregor, Davis and Howerton Halls). Single, Double, Triple, and Quad rooms in the RCAnderson House, and the Lodges (Sylvan, Balsam, and Lookout) are charged the regular room rate. (This is since the room sizes vary and are deemed the same amount of space per student as the regular double rooms in the main four residence halls.) Please refer to the current year Academic Catalog for current prices.


What if I don’t like my roommate?

Resident Assistants (student leaders) and Resident Directors (professional staff) live in the residence halls and are there to assist students as they navigate what it is like to share a living space with someone else.

What if I don’t have a roommate in mind? How does the housing coordinator select my roommate?

The student will complete the housing form, sharing as much info as possible. This gives the housing coordinator key information to try and find a fit for someone that you could live together well with. It may not be your best friend, but we try and find people of similar living habits and interests. After your first year, you have a chance to choose a roommate for the next year.

How do I choose a roommate?

Often people choose to live with people they know something about or are friends with. You would want to choose someone who has similar living habits as you, cleanliness, sleeping habits, study habits, interests, etc. It is always helpful to keep an open mind when going through the process of seeking or choosing a roommate for your time here at Montreat.

When will I receive my housing assignment?

The housing coordinator compiles housing forms from students throughout the spring, and works on matching roommates. The first batch of notifications go out in mid June, then the next batch is mid July, and will continue throughout the summer as needed. For all students enrolling for the spring, you will receive your housing notification in December. You will get your notification based on when you submitted your information as well as when a good match could be made for you.

If my roommate isn’t a good fit, can I change roommates?

Residence Life staff (RAs and RDs) work with roommates to work through issues and conflicts that arise. We see this as a learning and growing opportunity for each person. Room changes are a last resort and are only exercised based off availability and the specific challenges at play in each situation.

Living Arrangements

Do you have housing for adult learners?

Our residence halls are required for students from ages 18-21. Students over 26 years of age will generally not be eligible for on-campus housing, unless given special permission.

Are there on-campus housing options for married students?


Do all the athletes live together?

Not officially, but often times returning students in the same sport choose to live together. Athletic coaches sometimes assist with this process, but this depends on the needs and space for each hall.

Which residence halls are for upperclassmen?

Returning students are able to choose from any space in the residence halls, so upperclassman may be in any of the residence spaces. New incoming students are placed starting June 1 for the upcoming fall semester into spaces open after returning students have chosen.

Female Housing: McGregor, Anderson Hall
Female Honors: RC Anderson House, Sylvan Lodge

Male Housing: Howerton Hall, Davis Hall, Lookout Lodge
Male Honors: Balsam Lodge

Are the residence halls co-ed?


Bathrooms and Supplies

What are the bathrooms like?

Anderson Hall has one private bathroom per double room. McGregor Hall has suite style bathrooms, with some being between double rooms (4 sharing) and some being between triple rooms (6 sharing). Howerton Hall has suite style bathrooms (4 sharing), and some private bathrooms (3 sharing). Davis Hall has community style bathrooms that are shared by each floor. Lookout Lodge, Balsam Lodge, and Sylvan Lodge all have community style bathrooms as well as shared bathrooms shared by multiple residents on each floor. RC Anderson House has community style bathrooms as well as a shared bathroom shared by multiple residents on the upper floor.

Are bathrooms cleaned by students?

It depends on the residence hall. Hall bathrooms are cleaned by housekeeping in Davis and Lookout Lodge. Most bathrooms are the responsibility of the specific residents who share or use that specific bathroom (Howerton Hall, McGregor Hall, Anderson Hall, RC Anderson House, Balsam Lodge, and Sylvan Lodge). Bathrooms that are open to the community and not just connected to specific rooms in RC Anderson House, Balsam Lodge, and Sylvan Lodge are cleaned by housekeeping.

Do students need to bring their own toilet paper?

No, it is provided.

Are cleaning supplies (Lysol, Windex, etc.) and tools (brooms, vacuums, swiffer) available?

No, students need to purchase and supply their own cleaning supplies.

Are there laundry machines on campus and do they cost money? Is detergent provided?

Yes, there are washers and dryers in each residence hall. No, they do not cost anything. Yes, you do need to supply your own detergent. You can even track the status of your laundry by going to:

Do I need to buy a shower curtain, bath rug?

A basic shower curtain is provided, but anything that you want to have decoratively you need to purchase and bring.

Computer Requirement

What type of computer/laptop should I purchase for school use?

All students are encouraged to purchase a laptop that meets the following specifications:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or better or AMD Ryzen or better, apple M1
  • Memory: 8 GB Minimum
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.15.7 or higher
  • Hard Disk Drive: 256 GB SSD or larger
  • Display: 12 inches or larger
    • 1080p Resolution or better
    • Integrated graphics or descrete graphics for some depts
  • Audio: Built-in audio capabilities
    • Speaker
    • Microphone
    • Webcam
  • Communication devices: 802.11ac Dual-band Wireless-AC or better

Chromebooks are not recommended and will not meet the needs of most courses that have a computer or software component.


Are the beds stackable? How are they stacked and arranged?

The beds are made to be stacked, using solid steel pins so they are very secure. There are a variety of ways they can be stacked.

Do you have extra-long beds?

No, there are no different beds provided based on height. The beds provided accommodate for taller residents.

What do I need to buy for my room?

Please click on our packing list for more information.

What is provided in the room? Furniture, closets, etc.

For Anderson, McGregor, Howerton, Davis Halls, please click on this link to see the specific furniture provided:

  • Lookout Lodge: bed, dresser, and closet/area for hanging clothes (community area has a large table and chairs for studying)
  • Balsam Lodge: bed, dresser, and closet/area for hanging clothes (community area has a large table and chairs for studying)
  • Sylvan Lodge: bed, dresser, and closet/area for hanging clothes (community area has a large table and chairs for studying)

Do the residence halls come with microwaves, refrigerators, landlines, etc.?

The residence hall rooms have an ethernet connection. Students bring their own microwaves and refrigerators.

Is there any special hook-up or anything I need to have internet in my room?

Wifi is provided in each residential complex.

Can I have a TV in my room?


What size are the mattresses?

Twin size.

Do the rooms have individual air units or does the residence hall have central heating and air?

Each room has its own unit with its own controls.

Someone is making me a special desk for my room. Can I bring it?

You could, but you cannot remove any furniture that is already in the room. You want to consider space when planning on bringing furniture to college.

What are the dimensions of the furniture?

Anderson, McGregor, Davis, and Howerton Hall furniture dimensions

  • Bed frame- 38″D x 85″W x 36″H
  • Mattress- 36″ x 80″
  • Wardrobe- 24″D x 24″W x 72″H
  • Desk- 24″D x 30″W x 29″H
  • Chair- Seat 18″W x 18″D Overall 20.5″W x 32.5″H

What are the dimensions of the windows?

  • Anderson Hall – width 97” x height 57”
  • Davis Hall – width 80” x height 67″
  • McGregor Hall – width 74” x height 62″
  • Howerton Hall – width 68” x height 61”

Other dimensions:

Anderson Hall

  • Closet- 47.5″ x 24″ x 91.5″
  • Closet Hanger bar (L)- 46″
  • Shower Rod length- 23.7″
  • Shower Curtain (LxH)- 23.7″ x 77″
  • Window (LxH)- 94″ x 62″
  • Sink/Vanity- 36″ x 20″ x 34.5″

McGregor Hall

  • Closet- 58″ x 25″ x 84″
  • Closet Hanger bar (L)-56″
  • Shower Rod length-58.5x”
  • Shower Curtain (LxH)- 58″ x 73″

Residence Halls

What is in the common area of a residence hall?

Common areas have couches, side tables, TVs. Some have larger tables and chairs.

Are there kitchens in the residence halls? Do they come fully stocked with plates, utensils, pots, and pans?

There are kitchens located in Anderson, McGregor, RC Anderson House, Lookout Lodge, Balsam Lodge, and Sylvan Lodge.

Are there elevators in the residence halls?

There is an elevator in Anderson Hall.

Other Questions

Can I light candles?

No. Open flame items are not permitted in the residence halls.

Are pets allowed?

In accordance with Health Department restrictions, pets of all descriptions are prohibited from the residence halls, except approved Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals (policies available through Student Life), and fish in a maximum 10-gallon aquarium.

Where is the closest Target/Walmart?

Target is 14 miles away and Wal-Mart is 13 miles away. Both are on the east side of Asheville located right off of I-40 west.

Visitation in Residence Halls

Visiting in Residence Hall Lobbies

For the lobbies of the halls of Davis, Howerton, McGregor, and Anderson permitted times include:
Sunday through Thursday, 8 a.m. – 12 a.m.
Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m. – 2 a.m.
Non-residents/visitors must be accompanied by a current resident at all times. For a member of the opposite sex to visit in the residence hall lobbies, the guest must have a resident of that hall with him or her. This policy allows for study, watching TV, etc.

Visitation Hours for the opposite gender to visit with people in their Residence Hall room.

Visitation is held in the halls of Davis, Howerton, McGregor, and Anderson from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. evenings (other complexes not listed may hold different hours and structure). This involves the check-in and check-out of each guest at the lobby of the listed residence halls above. Residents are not permitted to have guests of the opposite sex in their rooms other than during an approved visitation event.

Storage and Moving Out

Do you have any storage options (microwave/fridge, etc.) over summer?

There is no storage available for students’ personal belongings over the summer.

Can I store my car here over the summer?

There is no storage for vehicles over the summer.

I plan on flying home over Thanksgiving; do you have a shuttle service to the Asheville airport?

No, students would need to manage their own transportation.

Do I have to move out of the Residence Hall over Christmas Break? Spring Break?

You do not need to move out of the Residence Hall over Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring Break. All residents will be expected to comply with college official dates which may include the closures of residence halls.


What is the meal plan and do I have to be on it?

All On-Campus students have an unlimited meal plan. There are meal plan options for commuters.

I’m on a special diet, can I cook in my room?

All students have an unlimited meal plan in the cafeteria. ARAMARK Dining services provide our meals and they have many options for supporting special, specific, and allergy related food issues. Students should direct questions regarding dietary needs to the housing coordinator. Any medical or dietary issues that are important to consider are requested and processed through the Medical Accommodations for Meal Plan policy. Those requests will be reviewed by the housing coordinator in collaboration with the Montreat College nurse and the director of food services with ARAMARK Management Services. ARAMARK can accommodate most special diets and will work with students and physicians to provide special requests and so no reduction or removal from the meal plan is necessary.

Does the cafeteria offer a gluten free meal plan?

Yes, the cafeteria offers a gluten free meal option as well as food options for other allergies and issues.

Does the cafeteria have peanut-free meals and other allergy aware meal options?