How to Acquire a Parking Permit

All employees and students who wish to have a vehicle on campus must register their vehicle with Student Life. Students may choose from three parking permit options:

  1. Level 1 Student Parking (Gold Pass – Montreat campus) $275/year
  2. Level 2 Student Parking (Silver – Day Pass – Park in Designated Locations on Montreat campus 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m. — NO OVERNIGHT PARKING) $225/year
    1. The Day Pass will only be issued to commuter students.
    2. If a Day Pass holder has a school-sponsored overnight trip, the Day Pass holder may park in the Belk parking lot. If ticketed, the student may appeal.
  3. Level 3 Student Parking (Blue – Black Mountain campus) $175/year – All freshman status students (29 or fewer earned college credits) who plan to have a car on campus will be eligible for a blue parking pass only and must park their vehicle at the Black Mountain campus.

A shuttle will transport students to and from the Black Mountain parking locations at regular intervals. The shuttle schedule may be found here.

If you are not bringing a car to campus, please fill out the No Car on Campus Form. Please make sure to complete the form before February 1, 2023 for the Spring 2023 semester.