Campus Parking FAQ

I live at Ridgecrest; what parking permit should I purchase?

You can choose between the gold, $275/year, or the blue, $175. With the gold, you would be able to park your car on campus during the day between 7a and 5:30p. You would have a secured spot. If you purchased the blue, you could have your car on campus from 5:30p-7a and on weekends. Keep in mind that we will have a continuous shuttle service between the Montreat campus, Ridgecrest and the Black Mountain campus during the day. Evening hours would require calling the shuttle on-call number.

I’m a commuter; what are my parking options?

You can choose the Silver parking pass at $225 which means you can park your car in the Silver (Commuter) lot. If you choose the blue parking pass at $175, you would park your car at the Black Mountain campus Monday through Friday between 7a and 5:30p and take the shuttle to the Montreat campus. You can park your car on campus anytime between 5:30p Friday through Monday, 7a.

What hours will the shuttle be running?

It will run a continuous loop during the day between Montreat campus, Ridgecrest and Black Mountain campus. Exact times will be posted before school begins. One loop should take approximately 45 minutes.

What if I have an emergency outside the scheduled shuttle hours and my car is on the Black Mountain campus?

After hours, please call the campus police which is 818-712-5216.

What if I graduate in December; how do you know that I’m only here for one semester? I don’t want to be billed for $275 if I leave Montreat in December.

Students who graduate in December will receive a 50% refund upon verification of graduation.

I’m an employee at the college and I’ve registered my car; when will I receive my parking permit?

You may come by the Student Life Office (Belk 214) between 8am and 5pm, M-F to pick up your parking permit.