Honors Program Community

“If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me.”
—WH Auden

Our Living Learning Community

Living in honors housing is encouraged but not required. Roughly half of honors students live in three historic houses located just up the mountain from the main campus. These houses were established to provide honors students with a strong sense of belonging at Montreat College. The Living-Learning community is designed to complement your academic pursuits and help you flourish as a whole person.

Students living in these houses enjoy:

  • Monthly home-cooked family style meals
  • Access to the private honors program library
  • Bi-monthly book studies with Montreat professors
  • Services days in the Montreat mountain cove
  • Community spaces for entertainment, study, cooking, gardening, stillness, and conversation!

Honors Houses

Our Mentorship Program

We know that being an honors student comes with its own opportunities and challenges that only other honors students can fully understand! We pair each incoming honors student with a returning honors student to meet regularly and talk about the adjustment to college life with particular attention to academics. Many mentors and mentees become good friends!

Additionally, each student meets with either Dr. Toland or Dr. Yoder at least once during the first semester for initial guidance, mentorship, and support that stretches over all four years at Montreat College.

Honors students also get to know other honors faculty and their major advisors for career-oriented mentorship and learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Our Service to the Montreat Cove

An integral aspect of spiritual formation is obedience to Jesus’ command to love our neighbors (Mark 12:31). Thus, the Service Ministry Initiative is designed to empower students to practice active discipleship by caring for our Montreat community neighbors. Through service ministry, students demonstrate Christian love to the cove, build meaningful relationships with community members, and participate in experiential growth outside of the classroom.