Montreat College Honors Program

“To be learned, rather than to seem learned”
Hugh of St. Victor

The Montreat College Honors Program exists for the purpose of growing in humility as a community and as individuals. We believe “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (Proverbs 9:10, NIV) Our goal is to see ourselves in a proper relationship to God. This means we can live in both wonder and awe—wonder that we are created in His image and awe that we are not Him. Our coursework and activities are designed to help us love our Creator better and have a properly ordered love of his created world—humans, creatures, and creation.

As an honors student at Montreat College you will be challenged to learn more deeply by being in classes with other highly motivated and thoughtful students from across our campus and from every major! Your honors professors will guide you and encourage you in your writing and verbal skills, giving you constructive feedback on your work and help in honing your gifts of analysis. They will help you to see the connections between the Great Conversation and the Christian scriptures and traditions from all over the world. The honors community both in and outside of the classroom will teach you to think across disciplines to the underlying moral and theological principles by examining questions together such as: What is the Good Life?, Who am I?, and What are the Origins of the Universe?


Together we explore texts and topics from the Christian, Western, and World traditions from the perspective of multiple disciplines across the arts and sciences.


Enhance your honors experience through our distinctive residence life, mentoring and service opportunities.


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