TKC Management Services provides building maintenance, janitorial, landscaping, and event setup services to the Montreat College community.


Maintenance Office Hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

Maintenance Requests

Please use the link below to submit maintenance requests. Make sure to include all relevant information to clearly explain the issue. We encourage you to keep a simple record of submitted maintenance requests and the returned responses.

For emergency requests outside the hours of operation shown above, contact After Hours Maintenance at 828.357.4222. NOTE: College staff are the ONLY parties authorized to contact facilities after hours. Please provide the following details on after hour request: building name, room number, callers name, phone number or email. Expect other questions from our operator, who will make the determination of emergency response required.

Which requests are routine and which are emergency?

Routine Maintenance Requests

The following are defined as routine calls, and require a routine service request: 

  • Burnt out light bulbs.
  • A single room HVAC unit blowing air but not cooling/heating properly.
  • Rodents (mice) or insects, not an infestation, but seen in a room, hallway, etc.
  • A single shower or mixing valve in an adjoining restroom not regulating temperatures adequately. All other nearby showers work well with hot/cold water functioning properly.
  • Musty odor smell in room, hallway etc.
  • Individual toilet won’t flush. Toilet is not overflowing, but flush mechanism may need repair.  (Ask RD or RA for plunger or a bucket to manually flush toilet).
  • Roof leak during a storm which moistens ceiling, may drip slightly in a location which is not critical, and can be caught with small pail.
  • Locked out of office.  Notify Supervisor or Security.
  • Key requests. All building key requests must come from supervisor of employee and requires additional form to be completed upon TKC receipt of request.
  • Unscheduled set ups.  If reasonable and occupants willing, rearrange existing tables and chairs. *Set ups require minimum (1) one week notice.
  • Common sense applies and facilities will always provide professional customer service.

After Hours/Emergency Maintenance Requests

The following are defined as an emergency and require an after hours/emergency request: 

  •  Building outages of hot water or electric.
  • Building outages of heat and AC.
  • Any flooding and overflowing toilets (not able to be initially cleared by student or college staff).
  • Any life safety issues and/or health and environmental, fire, natural disasters, storm damages.
  • Major roof leaks which damage the structural integrity of buildings.
  • Other items, not included above, which risks or threatens, operations, events, classes, or the designed purpose of the facility.       

Facilities will always work to provide fast customer service to all requests, regardless of prior warning or urgency.

Submit a Request

Submit a maintenance, janitorial, grounds, or event setup request

Request a Facility Reservation

Learn more about facility reservations at Montreat College.


To ensure a smooth communication process for parents and students, please take note of the following:

  1. For non-emergency questions or requests, please contact Facilities at 828.357.4222 or email us at TKCMontreat@tkcmgmt.com. Non-emergency requests should be submitted via work request; however, we are happy to schedule a meeting to discuss maintenance concerns or events.
  2. In the event of a facilities emergency, please be aware that only college staff members are authorized to contact the Facilities Office after regular working hours. Students living on campus should report emergencies to the Resident Director on Call.
  3. For questions or concerns related to Residence Halls, please email your inquiries to Residence Life at reslife@montreat.edu. Parents, please direct all inquiries to Residence Life.
  4. For unlocking/locking requests, please call Campus Safety at 828.713.2520.
  5. For Internet or Wi-Fi requests or concerns, please email Campus Technology at support@montreat.edu or call 828.669.8012 x3663.
  6. Vendors/Contractors, please send material information to TKCMontreat@tkcmgmt.com or request a meeting with Facilities staff.