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The Montreat College Alumni Association is established by Montreat College for the purpose of supporting and promoting the mission, vision, values, objectives, and faith statement of the College with prayer, time and talents, financial resources, and recruitment and retention of students. The Association is a component part of Montreat College, not a separate legal entity.


All graduates and non-graduates who were enrolled for at least one semester at Montreat Normal School between 1916-1933, Montreat Junior College between 1933-34, Montreat College between 1934-59, Montreat Normal School and Montreat College “High School Division” between 1916-1959, Montreat-Anderson College between 1959-1995 and Montreat College between 1995-present shall be members of the Association. No fee or action is required for those who meet this membership criterion. Honorary alumni may consist of faculty, staff, trustees and others recommended by the Alumni Association’s Leadership Council to the College leadership and approved by the president of Montreat College.

Alumni Association Leadership Council

The Alumni Leadership Council (ALC) members plan, generate, and advocate for activities and communication tactics to engage alumni with their alma mater. The ALC actively and strategically works to raise the awareness of the college’s value in students’ lives and in the economic and cultural development of the community at large. In addition, the ALC supports the college to ensure that current and future students enjoy some of the same opportunities that they once enjoyed as students.

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