Undergraduate Minors

Adventure-Based Counseling

Within the world of Outdoor Education, Adventure-Based Counseling and Adventure Therapy are two career fields that are experiencing remarkable growth. The Adventure-Based Counseling minor blends courses from Outdoor Education, Psychology, and Human Services into an exciting program of study. The minor will also prepare students who are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in a related area.

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Our Art minor offers a strong foundation in the classical method. In each studio course, the elements and principles of visual art are approached through observation, interpretation, and response. Although formalism is taught and encouraged, it’s woven into the resulting artwork rather than standing alone as abstract method. Faculty members will help you integrate a frame for perception that can guide your process of decision-making and problem solving—which are effective thinking skills for creating works of art or for other areas of your life.

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Bible and Religion

This minor is designed to strengthen your understanding of the Bible and to explore the relationship between the Bible and your major discipline. Our goal is to prepare you to be a biblically informed agent of renewal and reconciliation in the world.

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Our Biology minor helps you delve into the world of biology, regardless of your major program. Defined simply, biology is the study of life. The 21st-century world will have to find solutions to many biological and environmental issues, and those most capable of devising these solutions will understand the connections between biological knowledge and other scientific disciplines such as chemistry, geology, physics, meteorology, and climatology. They’ll have more than a solid understanding of basic principles—they must possess an understanding of the ethical and worldview implications involved in the application of biological knowledge. You’ll be challenged to understand these implications through discussions and inquiry.

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Business Administration

Our Business Administration minor builds upon our strong liberal arts core with professional training in business administration. It provides the knowledge necessary to serve in today’s competitive business environment, cultivating an entrepreneurial and ethical spirit in your approaches to business decision making. Whatever your professional field may be, chances are that it will involve business. Specialist qualification and practical business knowledge are vital attributes in today’s world, and our business administration minor equips you with these critical skills in areas such as finance, management, economics, and quantitative analysis.

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Our Chemistry minor cultivates a broader understanding of scientific knowledge by developing scientific skills that include, but are not limited to research, data analysis, observation, and methodical experimentation. Theories are both generated and reinforced by decision making, observation, and analysis in a laboratory setting. The applications of these critical skills are beneficial in any course program or future career path.

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Everyone communicates. And being able to effectively communicate orally, through mass media, or in written form means that you are able to impact others—a strength in any career. Adding a minor in communication will empower your research and listening skills, ensuring that you will be vitally important in whatever field and ministry God has planned for you. Furthermore, the exploration of what it means to communicate—how we create our own culture and a sense of what it means to be a human—are topics that are relevant across all disciplines.

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This minor builds upon our strong liberal arts core with professional training in computer technology, business administration, and quantitative analysis. Our unique approach to teaching combines the theoretical with the practical, as faculty bring extensive real-world technology experience to the classroom. Small classes provide personal attention and one-on-one time with professors, and classroom instruction is often augmented with outside technology speakers and computer facility visits. In many courses, student projects involve technological problem-solving and providing computer services to real-world organizations.

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Our English minor gives you the opportunity to read, discuss, and write about illuminating works in Western Literature. You’ll also receive instruction and practice in creative and professional writing—preparing you to work as an editor and writer in your field. At the core of English study lies the grace and power of words. You’ll learn how language has been employed to create literature, persuade audiences, and delight readers. Further, every course merges a Biblical worldview with scholarship. Christ composed parables to communicate truth through story. In this sense, he modeled literary, communicative, and creative writing study. This minor follows His lead.

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Environmental Science

Our Environmental Science minor teaches you to understand and critically examine environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. The minor will expose you to teaching in various outdoor settings, and it will engage you in scientific research that utilizes biological, chemical, and ecological course work and field experiences. Further, it integrates a liberal arts education with a Christ-centered worldview. You’ll gain more than a solid understanding of basic principles—you’ll develop an understanding of the ethical and worldview implications involved in the application of environmental knowledge.

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Because of the breadth and depth of historical investigation, students who minor in history find themselves well prepared for careers that require knowledge of the past, interaction with people both at home and globally, and the ability to think and write analytically. An understanding of historical transitions helps one avoid mistakes of the past and capitalize on its strengths.

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Our Interdisciplinary Studies minor is designed to complement your major with thorough exposure to a broad range of disciplines. It enhances critical-thinking skills and engages issues from a worldview perspective. You’ll be prepared to discern truth, engage others respectfully, and serve as an agent of renewal and reconciliation in the world.

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Our Leadership minor is an Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) program that’s supervised by the Outdoor Education department. It’s a perfect fit if you’re interested in developing leadership through elective courses, experience, and service-learning opportunities. You’ll be challenged to grow in personal faith, to discern truth prior to taking action, and to effectively lead others in the pursuit of accomplishing tasks and developing relationships. You’ll be prepared to live as a Christ-following agent of renewal and reconciliation.

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We offer musical training opportunities and experience to all students—in musical ensembles, elective courses, recitals, and concerts. Our Music minor takes this one step further—balancing professionalism and excellence in musicianship with the academic development of your core and major requirements. It’s designed to introduce you to the basics of music theory and history and to help you acquire a non-professional level of performance competence through four semesters of applied vocal or instrumental instruction. Students who have a minor in music also participate in a musical ensemble.

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Music Business

The Music Business minor is designed to support students with an overview of the music business as well as providing practical knowledge for the business – everything from audio recording to live sound and lighting.

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Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education minor is a strong supplement to numerous majors here at Montreat, particularly Bible and Religion, Environmental Science, and Biology. You’ll explore topics related to ecology, field natural history, environmental policy, and law. You’ll also study group dynamics, leadership, and outdoor programming. Not only will you gain technical skills and knowledge, but you’ll also be equipped in group facilitation, discipleship, and leadership—and be prepared to work with adults and youth in group settings.

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Outdoor Ministry

Our Outdoor Ministry minor pairs well with an Outdoor Education or Bible and Religion major, but it’s really a great option for students across all disciplines. You’ll delve into ministry training, including discipleship, evangelism, and spiritual formation. This education is combined with courses in leadership, outdoor living skills, and environmental education. You’ll grow personally as you develop skills that can be used in working with adults and youth in group settings.

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The Philosophy minor prepares students to enter theological seminaries or graduate schools in multiple fields of study, where every path is meaningfully aligned with your faith. The minor is designed to provide a foundation for critical thinking and a thorough exploration of faith and learning.

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Physical Education

Our Physical Education minor prepares you to teach physical education or to coach various sports. More than just a collection of activities, this concentration includes specialized theory courses that prepare you to identify and assess the needs of individuals in the domain of fitness and wellness.

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Psychology and Human Services

Our Psychology and Human Services minor provides you with a rich liberal arts experience and a solid foundation that translates into your major area of study. You’ll participate in classroom discussions that help you evaluate secular theories from a Christian perspective. You’ll also be encouraged to develop greater self-awareness and personal characteristics that are valuable throughout all areas of life. Classes are small and extremely interactive, ensuring a more personalized learning environment. You’re invited to voice your views in a safe environment that welcomes free inquiry and the exchange of diverse ideas.

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Spanish has become the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, and the second most frequently used language in the United States. Many U.S. companies are looking for bilingual personnel, and our Spanish minor prepares you to understand, speak, read, and write Spanish proficiently. It also grounds you in the history, literature, culture, and civilization of the Spanish-speaking nations—making it easier to share the Christian message in a global community.

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Our Theatre minor provides an exciting hands-on approach to developing the skills needed to perform and produce theatre. Courses include, but are not limited to acting, directing, playwriting, and stagecraft. Theatre courses can be taken as a minor or as electives, and they’re practical for anyone who will need to engage with an audience in a performing or teaching capacity. You’ll also have an opportunity, if desired, to work with local amateur and professional theatres—enhancing your learning experience while building your professional resume.

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Worship Arts

Students who pursue the Worship Arts minor will be equipped with a sound biblical, theological and philosophical foundation for Christian worship. The minor includes a basic core study of Worship Arts, as well as exploring elements of art, theatre, voice, and more to prepare students for worship arts leadership.

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Youth & Family Ministry

The Youth and Family Ministries minor is designed specifically for students who wish to explore their gifts in children’s, youth, and/or family ministries while earning a separate specialized degree.  The program intends to provide learners with broad knowledge and basic skills necessary for serving the needs of the church in these vital areas.

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