Our History program equips students with highly valuable career tools, including critical thinking, research training, and oral and written communication skills.

Montreat College’s history program helps students gain a factual knowledge and an empathetic understanding of the world and its diverse cultures. Our program prepares students for the spheres of service, citizenship, scholarship, and vocation by demonstrating how the past animates the present and future.

Our History program explores the various social, cultural, political, economic, and religious forces that have shaped and transformed the world.

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Opportunities to engage with local historians

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Small class sizes allow for debate and discussion

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Class trips to historic cities

Sample Courses

HS 333 American Civil War

An examination of the causes, nature, and consequences of the American Civil War with a particular focus on the military and social dynamics of the war. Other topics include the nature of slavery, the rise of abolitionism, secession and disunion, and the effort to reconstruct American society and government. Special reliance will be placed upon the use of primary source documents.

HS 341 American Constitutional History

A study of the history of constitutional thought from English common law to contemporary Supreme Court decisions. The influences and precursors to the United States Constitution will be explored as will the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention and ensuing ratification debates. The text, amendments, and history of interpretation will be discussed along with issues such as federal-state relations, civil liberties, and civil rights.

HS 415 Historical Archive Fieldwork

Students will participate in exhibit and archival work at a local historical center. Students will be immersed in this professional context, receive supervision from a professor and on-site supervisor, and write an intensive paper on themes related to public history.

Career Opportunities

  • Historian
  • Journalist
  • Filmmaker/ documentarian
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Media Relations
  • Grant Writer
  • History Professor
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Librarian
  • Lawyer
  • Politician
  • Consumer Advocate


William Forstchen

Dr. William Forstchen
Professor of History

Lisa Toland

Dr. Lisa Toland
Director of Honors Program
Professor of History

Peter Yoder

Peter Yoder
Assistant Professor of Honors and History

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