Dr. P. Gregory Blanton

Professor of Psychology, Human Services, and Clinical Mental Health

Dr. P. Gregory Blanton
Dr. Gregg Blanton has served on the faculty of Montreat College since 1997. Dr. Blanton earned a B.S. from Evangel College, an M.Ed. at Converse College, an M.Ed. at Clemson University, and an Ed.D. in counselor education from Texas A&M University—Commerce. In addition to teaching at Montreat College, Dr. Blanton maintains a private practice providing marriage, family, and individual therapy, as well as supervision of other counselors. Dr. Blanton has been a practicing psychotherapist for more than 15 years, working in a variety of institutional settings. He has published numerous articles in the Journal of Christianity and Psychology, Pastoral Psychology, The Family Journal, and Innovations in Clinical Practice. Outside his work at the college, Dr. Blanton enjoys hiking, movies, and swimming.

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