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Team & Leadership Center (TLC)

A program of Montreat College, the Team & Leadership Center (TLC) is your ultimate destination for teamwork building, strategic initiatives, team games, and experience-based learning.

At TLC, we understand the importance of effective teamwork in achieving success. That’s why our expert facilitators are committed to providing innovative programs tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you are a corporate team, church group, nonprofit organization, or family looking for your next adventure, we have the expertise and resources to take your team to new heights.

Perched in the town of Black Mountain, North Carolina, our facility offers a wide range of activities to enhance collaboration, foster leadership skills, and strengthen team dynamics. Our facility boasts a High Ropes Challenge Course, offering thrilling and engaging experiences for team members of all levels. This exhilarating activity allows participants to push their limits, overcome fears, and build trust, all while developing valuable problem-solving and communication skills.

Join us at the Team & Leadership Center soon and embark on an unforgettable journey of personal and professional growth.

How to Book a Session

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and discover how we can help you build a stronger, more cohesive team that achieves remarkable results.


Whitney Simms
Team & Leadership Center Director


191 Vance Ave.
Black Mountain, NC 28711

Five people at a bonfire at Montreat College's Team and Leadership Center

Initiatives/Low Challenge Course

Program Fee Cost Per Participant
Short Day – 2 hours $20-$24
Half Day – 4 hours $40-$48
Full Day – 6 hours $60-$72

Minimum of 8 participants. Maximum of 100 participants.

Experience a mix of thought-provoking team-building activities with fun and energizing group games. Groups have the opportunity to problem solve & explore using elements ranging from wooden platforms to cables with associated ropes & props.

High Ropes Course of Montreat College's Team & Leadership Center

High Challenge Course

Program Fee Cost Per Participant
Short Day – 2 hours $30-$36
Half Day – 3 hours $60-$72
Full Day – 6 hours $82-$98

Minimum of 8 participants. Maximum of 30 participants.

Fifty-foot tower offers over five exciting ascent routes plus other elements to explore off the high platform. Get ready for individual and team challenge and support.

People at a pavilion at Montreat College's Team and Leadership Center

Pavilion Rental

Space Reservation Fee Cost
Half Day – Up to 4 hours $175-$210
Full Day – Up to 8 hours $280-$336
Bonfire Cost
Short Day – 2 hours $50-$60
Half Day – 4 hours $100-$120

Up to 100 participants. *Pavilion rental includes TLC staff for set-up/break-down. Pavilion amenities include covered porch, tables, chairs, bathroom access, refrigerator, and electrical hook-up. Bonfire rates are an add-on cost.

Build community, gather to eat, or meet for business and/or fun at the Eagle Pavilion, which offers covered porch space with accessible bathrooms, tables, and chairs to suit group needs.

Abbot Hall at Montreat College's Team and Leadership Center

Abbott Hall Classroom Rental

Space Reservation Fee Daily Rate
Classroom #1 $100
Classroom #2 $100
Classroom #1 & #2 $175

Classroom #1 accommodates up to 20 individuals. Classroom #2 accommodates up to 12 individuals.

Enjoy indoor meeting space for business, retreat, or fun in either of Abbott Hall’s classrooms. Both rooms offer privacy, tables, chairs, and AV capabilities to suit group needs. Accessible bathrooms and kitchenette also available to users