Wilson Scholar Profiles

Our Wilson Scholars carry on Miss Wilson’s legacy of love, care, and service to Montreat College and their fellow students.

Justina Dames

Justina Dames, ’19

Business Administration
Work Position: Special Events

“Montreat College has widened my eyes in the way I see life. Being a part of Montreat has given me chances to further my education and build myself. Having the opportunity to serve as a Wilson Scholar has contributed to my experience at Montreat. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to serve as a Wilson Scholar and to continue the legacy of Miss Elizabeth Wilson, while gaining a Christ-centered and valuable education. I have the chance to interact with Montreat’s administrative staff, who are amazing and God-fearing people. I can see firsthand the way God is working throughout the college and the community. I have been able to work directly with the college’s Special Event Coordinator. I have learned to become a wiser servant leader. Additionally, this scholarship provides me with skilled work experience, which will benefit me in the future. I look forward to continuing to serve the Montreat community as a Wilson Scholar.”

Emily Erlien

Emily Erlien, ’21

Work Position: President’s Office

“Our lives are shaped by the opportunities we choose to take. Miss Elizabeth Wilson, through her vision of what Montreat College could be, chose to take every opportunity to bless Montreat College. As a Wilson Scholar in her honor, I have been given the ability through my time in the President’s Office to believe and pour into my college, to see what it means to lead and paint a vibrant vision for others, and to step further into what it means to honor God with the entirety of my gifts. I am thankful for this opportunity and its potential to shape who I am, preparing me with ways, not only spiritually, but also through the vocation He wills me to have, to honor the Lord with my life.”

Rylan Hincher

Rylan Hincher, ’19

Exercise Science
Work Position: Alumni Relations

“Being a Wilson Scholar is an honor in many ways. Through my work, I am gaining professional experience and developing relationships with faculty that I can consider mentors. The most rewarding part of this position is connecting with alumni and hearing how Montreat impacted them, which allows me to see how God really has worked at Montreat.”

Sam Hale

Sam Hale, ’19

Work Position: Advancement Services

“Being a Wilson Scholar has shaped me into a better person through the work in the office and support and love of the staff. The opportunity I have to be a part of Montreat College through the Wilson Scholar program has driven me to pursue excellence not only in the present in the classroom, but to look toward the future with the experience that I am gaining through my mentor. Being a Wilson Scholar is helping me transform my life into something greater than it was before, and I am extremely thankful for the privilege of being in this position.”

Lydia Wilson

Lydia Wilson, ’20

International Affairs
Work Position: Development

“The Wilson Scholar position enables me to learn alongside professionals within the college administration. I am incredibly grateful for the hands-on experience which will give me an abundant supply of skills to aid me in my calling and career. Within a Christ-centered work environment at Montreat College, I am privileged to receive Godly counsel and wisdom from the staff, a Christian perspective of the business world, and work in a space that develops my faith in Christ.”