Wilson Scholar Profiles

Our Wilson Scholars carry on Miss Wilson’s legacy of love, care, and service to Montreat College and their fellow students.

Sallie Dowell

Sallie Dowell, ’18

Business Administration
Work Position: Events

“I am so grateful to have the privilege of serving as a Wilson Scholar and carrying on the legacy of Miss Elizabeth Wilson. Her desire to always serve Montreat College well is something that I hope to exemplify as I serve in this role. Through this opportunity, I have been able to work directly with the college’s Special Events Coordinator, as well as many other wonderful faculty and staff members. In addition, this scholarship provides me with professional work experience, which will certainly be beneficial in my future. I look forward to continually serving the Montreat community though this unique leadership position.”

Rylan Hincher

Rylan Hincher, ’19

Exercise Science
Work Position: Alumni Relations

“Being a Wilson Scholar is an honor in many ways. Through my work, I am gaining professional experience and developing relationships with faculty that I can consider mentors. The most rewarding part of this position is connecting with alumni and hearing how Montreat impacted them, which allows me to see how God really has worked at Montreat.”

Sam Hale

Sam Hale, ’19

Work Position: Advancement Services

“Being a Wilson Scholar has shaped me into a better person through the work in the office and support and love of the staff. The opportunity I have to be a part of Montreat College through the Wilson Scholar program has driven me to pursue excellence not only in the present in the classroom, but to look toward the future with the experience that I am gaining through my mentor. Being a Wilson Scholar is helping me transform my life into something greater than it was before, and I am extremely thankful for the privilege of being in this position.”

Daniel Collins '18

Daniel Collins, ’18

Work Position: President’s Office

“Montreat College has changed the way that I see the world and has given me opportunities to further my knowledge and build my character. Being a Wilson Scholar has increased the impact that Montreat College has had on my life. The Wilson Scholar program is such a unique opportunity for students to honor the service of Miss Elizabeth Wilson while also gaining valuable workplace experience. Being able to interact with faculty on a daily basis has given me the opportunity to see firsthand how God is working throughout the college. By working in the President’s Office, I have learned the value of strong leadership and been able to be mentored by amazing individuals that glorify God through their everyday lives. I can say with great certainty that my time as a Wilson Scholar has prepared me even more so for my calling and career. I am honored to serve Montreat College as a Wilson Scholar and look forward to the days to come.”