College Withdrawal

A student who exits the College must formally withdraw regardless of the timing of his or her exit, in-semester or during a break between semesters. This applies even when the student plans to resume studies in the future.

Montreat has developed a withdrawal process that ensures a student’s exit from the College provides for ease of return or transfer by the student and provides necessary information for its recordkeeping purposes.

Completing the withdrawal process avoids potential academic penalties, transcript holds, and financial consequences.

Submission of the withdrawal form is one step in the withdrawal process. You also need to:

  • Financial Services: Complete loan exit counseling
  • Housing: Exit campus housing according to College polices (See Student Life for details)
  • Textbooks and Mailbox: Return rented books and your mailbox key
  • Library books/materials: Return all borrowed resources

A student planning to withdraw should read the College Withdrawal Policies and Procedures in the current edition of the College Catalog.

Withdrawal Form.