FERPA Selection

Please visit our FERPA Selection page to identify your student information privacy preferences.

  1. Go to MyInfo and log in
  2. Click “My FERPA Authorization”
  3. Under “Selection,” click “Edit”
  4. Follow the on-screen directions to select “List,” “Directory,” or “Decline”
  5. Click “Update Selection”

Your personal information is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the federal law that governs release of and access to student education records. Your non-directory information (such as grades, social security number, billing and financial aid information) may not be released without your prior consent. Exceptions include access by appropriate school officials and the National Student Clearinghouse, a FERPA-compliant enrollment verification and reporting organization. (For more information on the Clearinghouse, see their website http://www.studentclearinghouse.org/about/) To find out more about FERPA, go to https://www2.ed.gov/policy/gen/guid/fpco/index.html.

If you select “List”: You may give explicit permission for another party to receive your non-directory information. On the FERPA Selection page you will be able to provide the names of those who may receive your information and create a Personal Identification Phrase (PIP). You will share this phrase with the person named so college staff will be able to verify that person’s authorization to receive your information. So don’t use a password but rather something easy for you and the other party to remember. Put in your name for “revised by” and the current date for “revised date” and click “add new”.

If you select “Directory”: Montreat College may share your directory information (such as name, address, dates of attendance) with appropriate parties (i.e. federal loan servicers, potential employers, scholarship organizations) unless you choose to prohibit this type of release.

If you select “Decline”: Please note that students should only choose to decline release of directory information due to safety concerns. It can cause problems for you if you choose this option. For instance, if we cannot release your enrollment information to your loan servicer, you may be required to start repayment of your loans before your education is complete.

Definition of Terms

FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended.

Student: Any person who either attends or has attended Montreat College.

Educational Records: Any record (in print, handwriting, microfilm, computer, or other medium) that is maintained by a Montreat College staff or faculty member and is directly related to a student except:

  • Sole possession records: Personal records kept by a college official if they are kept in the possession of the individual who made the records, and information contained in the record has never been revealed or made available to any other person except the maker’s temporary substitute.

  • An employment record of an individual whose employment is not contingent on the fact that he or she is a student, provided the record is used only in relation to the individual’s employment.

  • Records maintained by the Montreat College security department if the record is maintained solely for law enforcement purposes, is revealed only to law enforcement agencies of the same jurisdiction, and the department does not have access to the educational records maintained by Montreat College.

  • Records maintained by the Health Services Office if the records are used only for treatment of a student and made available only to those persons providing the treatment.

  • Alumni records that contain information about a student after he or she is no longer in attendance at Montreat College and the records do not relate to the person as a student.

Annual Student Notification

Policy: Students are notified of their FERPA rights and procedures for indicating their FERPA release preferences in the annual Montreat College catalog.

Procedure for Student Inspection/Review of Records

Students have the right to inspect and review their educational records upon request to the custodian of the record.

  • If a student is requesting to see only one item from their educational record (i.e. an unofficial transcript), no written request or appointment is necessary. Access will be immediate, subject to the availability of the custodian.
  • If a student is requesting to see more than one item from their educational record, a written request must be submitted to the records custodian that identifies the record(s) the student wishes to inspect. The custodian will arrange for the access and notify the student of the time and place where the records may be reviewed. By law, access must be provided within 45 days from the receipt of the request. When a record contains information about more than one student, the student may review only the records that relate to him/her.

Montreat College Right to Refuse Access Policy

Montreat College reserves the right to refuse to permit a student to inspect these records:

  1. Any financial records of the parent that may be in the student’s file.
  2. Letters of recommendation for which the student has waived his/her right of access.
  3. Admission records if the student’s application was denied or the student chose not to attend Montreat College after making application.
  4. Records excluded from FERPA’s definition of educational records.

Montreat College Right to Refuse Provision of Copies Policy

Montreat College reserves the right to deny copies of transcripts or other records if:

  1. The student lives within commuting distance of Montreat College.
  2. The student has a delinquent account at Montreat College.
  3. There is an unresolved disciplinary action against the student.

Schedule of Fees for Copies

The fee for copies of educational records is $.50 per page, plus postage if applicable.

Disclosure of Educational Records Policy

Montreat College will disclose information from a student’s educational record only with the written consent of the student, except in the following instances:

  1. To school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in the records.
  •        A school official is:
    • A person employed by the College in an administrative, supervisory, academic, or support staff position.
    • A person elected to the Board of Trustees.
    • A person employed by or contracted to Montreat College for a special task, such as an attorney or auditor.

Legitimate educational interest includes:

  • Performing a task that is specified in a position description or by a contract agreement.
    • Performing a task related to the student’s education.
    • Performing a task related to the discipline of a student.
    • Providing a service or benefit relating to the student or student’s family, such as health care, counseling, job placement, or financial aid.
  • To certain officials of the U.S. Department of Education, the Comptroller General, and state and local educational authorities in connection with certain state or federally supported education programs.
  • To the National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment and degree verification purposes.
  • In connection with a student’s request for or receipt of financial aid, as necessary to determine the eligibility, amount or conditions of the financial aid, or to enforce the terms and conditions of the financial aid.
  • If required by a state law requiring disclosure that was adopted before November 19, 1974.
  • To organizations conducting certain studies for or on behalf of Montreat College.
  • To accrediting organizations to carry out their functions.
  • To comply with a judicial order or a lawfully issued subpoena (accompanied by a reasonable effort to notify the student).
  • To appropriate parties in a health or safety emergency.
  • Results of a disciplinary hearing to an alleged victim of a crime of violence.
  • Final results of a disciplinary hearing concerning a student who is an alleged perpetrator of a crime of violence and who is found to have committed a violation of the school’s rules or policies.
  • Disclosure to the parent of a student under 21 if the institution determines that the student has committed a violation of its drug or alcohol policies.

Directory Information Policy

Montreat College designates the following items as directory information:

  • Student’s name
  • Permanent Home Address
  • Housing Status: Campus or Commuter (excludes specific campus housing location, i.e., residential room number)
  • Telephone number
  • Montreat College email address
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports, including: weight, height, and position of members of athletic teams
  • Dates of attendance
  • Current degree and major fields of study 
  • Enrollment status
  • Classification
  • Expected graduation date
  • Student employment job title and dates
  • Degrees and awards received
  • Photographs
  • Institution most recently attended 

Procedure for Students Requesting to Amend Educational Records

Students have the right to request a correction of their educational records under FERPA. If a student believes the educational records relating to the student contain information that is inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the student’s rights of privacy, he/she may ask Montreat College to amend the record. The procedure for requesting a correction of the records is:

  1. The student must submit a request to the custodian of the record to amend the record. The request should identify the portion(s) of the record the student wants changed and specify why the student believes that portion of the record to be inaccurate.
  2. If the College decides not to comply with the request, the student will be notified of the decision and also advised of his/her right to a hearing to challenge the decision not to amend the record.
  3. Upon request, the College will schedule a hearing and notify the student as to the time and place of the hearing.
  4. The hearing will be conducted by an individual who does not have a direct interest in the outcome of the hearing. The student will have an opportunity to present evidence relevant to the issues raised in the request to amend the record. The student may be assisted by an attorney of his/her own choice.
  5. The College will respond with a written decision within a reasonable period of time after the hearing. The decision will include a summary of the evidence and the reasons for the decision.
  6. If the College decides that the information contested is not inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the student’s right to privacy or other rights, it will notify the student, in writing, that they have a right to place a statement in the record about the contested information in the record or stating why he/she disagrees with the hearing outcome.
  7. The statement will be maintained as part of the student’s educational record as long as the contested portion is maintained. If the College discloses the contested portion of the record, it must also disclose the student’s statement.
  8. If the College decides that the information contested is inaccurate, misleading, or a violation of the student’s right to privacy or other rights, it will amend the record accordingly and notify the student, in writing, that the record has been amended.