Academic Advising – School of Arts and Sciences

This information is intended for our main campus, traditional undergraduate students, our School of Arts and Sciences or SAS. Information for Adult Undergraduate and Graduate students is on the AGS Academic Advising page.

Academic Advising Missions Statement:

The purpose of the Montreat College academic advising program is to develop and maintain an educational partnership between advisors and students. Through this partnership of teaching and learning, students will be able to create and follow through with sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal goals and career plans.

Why do I need an academic advisor?

Your advisor is a one-stop resource and personal advocate for your success during your time at Montreat College. They know your major and are here to help you navigate being a student at Montreat. Your advisor knows college policies and can help you identify resources that may be helpful to you. Your advisor will help answer questions you may have about preparing for graduate school, job interviews. They can be a great reference as you apply for scholarships, internships, extracurricular opportunities, and special academic programs.

Who is my advisor?

You will be assigned an advisor as soon as you enroll as a student of Montreat College. Your advisor may change if you change your major throughout the course of your time at Montreat. You can locate your advisor’s information by logging into MAP.

How do I reach my advisor?

You may reach your advisor by email or phone. Make sure to take advantage of your advisor’s office hours, as well. They will be posted on the advisor’s office door.

What does my advisor expect of me?

  • Ownership of your education.
    Your advisor is there to help you, however, only you determine your success at Montreat College!
  • Timely contact with your advisor.
    Early awareness of problems allows more time and options to resolve them.
  • Keep your advisor informed of your academic progress.
  • Check your email regularly.
    Email will be the primary means through which your advisor will communicate important information.
  • Keep records of your academic progress.
    Don’t rely on your advisor’s records alone. Remember, you are responsible for what happens (or doesn’t happen) in reaching your educational goals.

How should I prepare for an advising appointment?

  • Pre-select the courses you would like to add to your semester schedule prior to the appointment.
  • Arrive at your appointment on time.
  • Bring a copy of your transcript or course history from MAP.
  • Bring your personal computer and log into your MAP account.

When should I meet with my advisor?

You should consult with your advisor at least once each semester and more often if you have additional questions or concerns throughout the semester.

You should meet with your advisor to:

  1. Discuss any problems which affect academic performance.
  2. Select courses for the upcoming semester.
  3. Discuss academic progress.
  4. Discuss career considerations.
  5. Declare or change your major.

Tips for Success

Develop an individual education plan.

  • Acquire information needed to assume final responsibility for academic planning.
  • Make a list of all of the course requirements you have completed, the courses you are currently enrolled in, and the courses you need to complete in order to earn your degree.

Visit the Thrive Center regularly and explore your academic major and career options.

  • Seek the academic and career information needed to meet educational goals.
  • Meet with faculty to discuss potential majors or minors.
  • Think about the connection between your major and your career.
  • Consider a minor if a secondary body of knowledge will enhance your career.
  • Think about your short-term goals. What types of skills and knowledge are you trying to obtain?
  • How do you want to use this knowledge after you earn your degree?
  • Explore the college and become familiar with all the many support programs and services available to you: the writing center, peer tutoring, student success services, the Thrive Center, counseling services, etc.
  • Explore Montreat’s extracurricular options. Get involved in your areas of interest.

View a printable version of advising information for advisees.

Academic Catalog

View academic catalog

Academic Advising Syllabus

View academic advising syllabus

4-Year Plans/Degree Plans

Students in the School of Arts and Sciences can access four-year degree plans to guide course selection and prepare for semester registration. Choose the degree plan for your major(s) based on the academic year you first enrolled at Montreat College.

View 4-year plans for 2021-22.

Prior years’ 4-year plans are in the annual edition of the catalog.

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