What Is a Scholarly Article?

If your professor requires you to use scholarly sources, how do you determine whether the information you find comes from scholarly sources or from non-scholarly sources?

The chart below offers a quick comparison between scholarly and non-scholarly sources.

Criteria Scholarly Source

Non-Scholarly Sources

Source Scholarly Journal Trade Publication Popular Magazine Newspaper
Sample Cover Journal of Management Sciences journal cover image Journal of Financial Planning cover image National Geographic cover image Wall Street Journal logo
Audience Academics & Professions People in the business General public General public
Authors Experts or specialists (unpaid) Staff writers, industry professional, businesses (paid) Journalists, staff writers, freelance writers (paid) Journalists, staff writers, freelance writers (paid)
Editorial Review Journal editorial board and peer reviewers (unpaid) Professional editors (paid) Professional editors (paid) Professional editors (paid)
References/Works Cited Always Sometimes Rarely Never

Adapted from Infographic for Scholarly and Non-Scholarly Article Rubric. Retrieved from http://gardner-webb.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=21798448.