Digital Archive: Montreat College 1940s

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Bell Tower at Montreat College

The Bell Tower was a memorial gift to Montreat College by the 1940 college senior class. It was constructed near Gaither Hall by Mr. Herman Holdway. It was the custom of the senior classes of the College and high school to present something to the College as memorials of their classes. The same year, the senior class of the high school presented a flag and flag pole which stands at the other end of Gaither Hall.

Eleanor Roosevelt and The Andersons

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt visited Montreat, NC on March 15, 1945, a month before her husband died. She was a guest of Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Anderson. Dr. Anderson was President of Montreat College. Mrs. Roosevelt visited Assembly Inn, where Japanese and German internees were housed during World War II. She also spoke to the Council of Southern Mountain Workers who were meeting in Montreat and, she spoke in Gaither Chapel to students and the community. Pictured are Mrs. Sadie Anderson, Dr. Margaret Spencer, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, and Dr. Robert C. Anderson.

Letter from Eleanor Roosevelt

A letter from Eleanor Roosevelt

Hiking Club at Montreat College

This photograph shows the Hiking Club at Montreat College in 1946. Audrey Cope and Mary Penney were the Heads of Hiking.

M Club at Montreat College

This photograph shows the “M” Club at Montreat College ca. 1940’s. The Athletic Association gave awards, including membership in the “M” Club, to the most deserving students. The Student Handbook stated “Make the M club your goal and enter Montreat to do the most for your Athletic Association, your school, and yourself.”

Montreat College Choir 1945

This photograph shows the Montreat College Choir in 1945. Miss Elizabeth Woodhouse was Director and, Miss Mary Lord was the accompanist. The student officers were Mildred Floyd, President; Betsy Crutchfield, Vice President; Wilma Stansill, Secretary/Treasurer.

Montreat College Faculty

This photograph shows the Montreat College faculty in academic regalia for Commencement during the 1940’s. Dr. J. Rupert McGregor, president of Montreat College, is at the head of the procession. Mrs. Crosby Adams, musician and choral director, can also be seen near the front of the line.

Montreat College Student Publications Staff 1948

This photograph shows the Student Publications Staff at Montreat College in 1948. This group was responsible for the student newspaper, Dialette, and for the yearbook, The Sun Dial. Back row: Gibbs, Hylton, Van de Weghe, Attwood, Wells, Brown, Robertson, Miss Wade (sponsor), Mrs. Townsend (sponsor), Miss McElroy (sponsor). Front: Clark, Williams, Chandler, Cook, Swann, Bachman, Washburn, Hagan, Roth, Denman, Moore, Phillips.

Montreat College students, 1944

This photograph shows a group of students in front of College Hall in September 1944. Pictured are Jackie Rawlings, Jeanette Herndon, Freddie McMaster, Ethyln Timmons, Mary Priscilla Walker, and Hazel Kirk.

Students at Montreat College

This photograph shows students in front of Gaither Hall, Montreat College ca. 1940’s or 1950’s.

Six female Montreat College students

This photograph shows a group of Montreat College students from spring 1945. Pictured are (back row): Hazel Kirk, Betty Lee Poole Lockhart Dykes; (center row): Elinor Jane Smith, Mary Priscilla Walker Locke, Ethelyn Timmons Cherry; (front row): Ruth Love Lee Higgins.