Relocation Policy and Procedure for Eligible Appointees


Eligible appointees will be reimbursed for the reasonable costs for relocating to the Montreat/Asheville
area as summarized below.




Reasonable Relocation Expenses Eligible for Reimbursement

Appointees eligible for reimbursement shall be reimbursed for actual and necessary moving and
travel expenses incurred provided that claim for such payment is made within one year of the
effective date of the appointment. An eligible appointee may be reimbursed for:

  1. The basic cost of moving household goods and personal effects from the appointee’s residence at the time of initial appointment to the residence located near the new place of employment, provided that the mover used a commercial carrier to perform such service. Claim for reimbursement must be accompanied by three competitive bids; reimbursement shall be made at the rates proposed in the lowest bid.
    1. Household Goods are defined as all reasonable items of furniture, furnishing, clothing, appliances, tools and equipment, including necessary expenditures for handling such items as pianos, refrigerators and deep freezers.
    2. Not included are such items as automobiles and other motor vehicles; trailers other than house trailers used as appointee’s residence; building materials; animals raised for profit, farming equipment, livestock, boats; belongings not the property of the appointee’s immediate family; and belongings related to commercial enterprises engaged in by the appointee or his family.
    3. The cost of additional insurance above the lowest valuation rate charged.
    4. No reimbursement shall be provided for household goods and personal effects in excess of 20,000 pounds.
    5. If an appointee does not use a commercial household goods carrier, he/she shall be reimbursed for the basic cost of moving household goods and personal effects by rental of trailers or trucks from commercial establishments provided the claim is accompanied by three competitive bids. Reimbursement shall be made at the rates proposed in the lowest bid.
    6. If no commercial carrier or rental trucks are used, mover will be reimbursed up to $1,000.
  2. The cost of packing and/or unpacking of household and personal effects.
  3. The cost of transportation of the appointee and his/her family to the new location, at the $0.625 rate per mile for the use of personally owned automobiles for official business, the mileage to be measured by the shortest highway route between the two places of residence. Payment shall be made at such rate for one automobile regardless of the number owned, or actual method of transportation used.
  4. Expenses other than those enumerated above incurred by the appointee as a result of relocation shall not be subject to reimbursement.

Repayment of Monies Advanced

In the event that an appointee resigns or voluntarily separates within one year of the effective date of appointment, the vice president of finance and administration shall arrange to collect from the appointee monies for relocation. When such monies cannot be collected by the vice president, the claim shall be transferred to the college’s collection agency who shall take whatever action is necessary to collect the monies advanced.

Exceptions to Above

The restrictions and limitations of these regulations may be waived if it is determined that such restrictions and limitations would result in an unusual and unavoidable hardship for the appointee. Requests for such waivers are to be submitted for review to:

Montreat College
John Beaghan Vice President of Finance & Administration
Montreat, North Carolina 28757


The process of gaining reimbursement is initiated through preparation of an Expense Reimbursement Form and submitted to the Montreat College Business Office.

Policy created in June 2007 (August 2022 update mileage rate to $.0.625/mile).