Academic Programs - Montreat College

Academic Programs

Montreat College offers the following programs of study. The programs listed below are categorized according to the following codes: AA (Associate of Arts), AS (Associate of Science), BA (Bachelor of Arts), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BM (Bachelor of Music), BS (Bachelor of Science), MA (Master of Arts), MBA (Master of Business Administration), MS (Master of Science), M (Major), MI (Minor).


Program of Study Degree Option Category CIP Code
Adventure-Based Counseling MI 51.1599
Art MI 50.0701
Bible and Religion BA, BS M, MI 39.0601
Bible and Theology (as of 2017) BA M, MI 39.0201
Biology BS M, MI 26.0101
General Business AS 52.0101
Business Administration BS, BBA, MBA M, MI 52.0201
Chemistry MI 40.0501
Christian Ministry BS M 39.0604
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA 51.1508
Communication BS M, MI 09.0100
Cybersecurity BS M, MI 11.1003
Educational Studies (as of 2017) BS M, MI 13.9999
Elementary Education BS M 13.1202
English BA M, MI 23.0101
Environmental Education MS 13.1338
Environmental Studies BS M, MI 03.0103
Environmental Science (as of 2017) BS M, MI 03.0104
Exercise Science BS M 26.0908
General Studies AA, AS 24.0102
Health Sciences (as of 2017) BS M 26.0102
History BA, BS M, MI 54.0101
Human Resource Management BS M 52.1001
Interdisciplinary Studies BA, BS M, MI 30.0000
Leadership MI 30.9999
Management BS M 52.0299
Management and Leadership MS 52.0213
Marketing BS M 52.1401
Music BA M, MI 50.0901
Music Business BS M, MI 50.1003
Outdoor Education BS M, MI 31.0601
Outdoor Ministry BS M, MI 39.9999
Philosophy and Worldviews MI 38.0001
Physical Education MI 31.0501
Psychology and Human Services M, MI 42.9999
Spanish MI 16.0905
Theatre BA M, MI 50.0501
Youth and Family Ministries MI 39.0702
Worship Arts BM M, MI 39.0501