The Montreat College Campus Store is always looking for ways to save our students money while ensuring that you have all of the correct course materials and excellent customer service for the upcoming semester. We have partnered with Slingshot — a convenient and cost-effective program for all of our students.

What is Slingshot?

Slingshot is an equitable access program that provides all of your course materials for a discounted per credit hour rate of $22 per credit hour for traditional undergraduate students and $24 per credit hour for adult & graduate students. The fee is automatically added to your student account. No waiting in a line at the campus store, and no separate payment required! Your book order is automatically sent when upon registering for classes. Books should be returned to the campus store upon finishing class.

On-campus Students

Your rental textbooks and course materials will be delivered to your residence hall before you move in, so you will have all of your course materials on the first day of classes, with the fee conveniently charged to your student account.

Off-campus Students

Your textbooks will either be shipped to your home address or can be picked up in the Montreat College Campus Store.

How do you register for Slingshot?

  • Go to
  • Click the Log In button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • You already have an account; your school email is the username, and your student ID number is the password. If your password is not working, click the Forgot Password link.

From the campus store portal, you can:

  • Manage your account and preferences
  • Look up price and condition information for your books
  • See when your rentals are due, or purchase more time
  • Access your digital course materials

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my course materials provided?

All students receive their required materials for every course through Slingshot. Students are opted-in to receive all of their course materials, including consumable items like access codes and workbooks. Your books may be provided as physical books or digital books, dependent on availability.

What happens if I drop or add a class?

When a class is added, Slingshot will automatically fulfill the order. For a dropped class, contact Customer Support within 7 days of class start for return authorization to avoid a non-return charge. Digital items for dropped courses are returned for you automatically.

What if an item is missing from my order?

Check if the book is listed on the ‘Items not in this shipment’ part of your packing list. If it is, check and see if the Order Item Type is Digital. If so, this is a digital book you can access via the campus store portal. If it says either “Rental” or “Purchase” next to it, that item will be coming in a separate box. Watch for emails from Slingshot about it. If you are missing a book in any other circumstance, contact Customer Support for assistance as soon as possible.

My book is a little banged up. Will I be responsible for the damage?

If you’re concerned with the condition of your physical textbook, contact Customer Support within a week of receiving it. We’ll help you find a solution.

How do I access digital items?

Once available, digital ebooks are accessible under the “My Course Materials” tab upon logging into You will receive an email that indicates when a digital ebook is available. It may come after a physical item has gone out.

What if I prefer physical items?

Your school has partnered with Slingshot to provide the most affordable course materials as a standard for every student. This will include digital eBook rentals if they are more affordable than physical rentals. If you prefer physical/printed course materials, Slingshot has an option that you can select called PRINT UPGRADE. For $9.99 per credit hour, you will receive physical books unless an item is exclusively available digitally. This upgrade fee is billed to your student account.

What do I do with my rental textbooks at the end of class?

Physical rental textbooks are due back at the end of class. These are indicated by the word RENTAL on your packing slip, under which you will find the due date for that book. When you’re ready to return your rentals, bring them into the Campus Store or return them on the portal.

Rental due dates will also be found under the “My Course Materials” tab. Digital rental books expire automatically.

What happens if I don’t return my books on time?

Physical rentals not returned by the due date will have a rental not returned (RNR) fee charged to your student account. RNRs can be refunded for 14 days after they’re billed, minus a 20% restocking fee.

The campus store remains available for beverages, snacks, college apparel, and sundries.

Questions or concerns?
828.669.8012, ext. 3602