Anthony Rodriguez ’06

“This Is What I’m Made For”

Montreat Degree: Bachelor’s in Bible and Religion
Graduation Year: 2006
Post-graduate Degree: Master’s in Christian Thought from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Title: Senior Pastor at Valley Hope Church

“I didn’t realize before I came to Montreat how much I would love class, how much I would love reading, how much I would love writing papers,” says Anthony Rodriguez. “When I got into the classroom here, I immediately felt ‘This is what I’m made for.’ I loved reading theology, reflecting on the Bible, studying history—all of these things were waiting inside me, but when I got to Montreat it was like I heard the starting gun and could go for the first time.”

While at Montreat, Anthony’s call to the pastorate was nudged along by then-Chaplain Steve Woodworth. “He saw things in me that other people weren’t seeing. Steve intentionally pursued me and asked questions of me and encouraged me. I needed that so badly. To be formed spiritually, sometimes you need someone to tell you to keep going.” In addition to his pastoral duties, Anthony is also an adjunct instructor in Montreat’s Bible and Religion program. “I’ve loved doing for students what someone did for me,” he says. “I want them to push themselves and question what they’re thinking and make sure that what they believe is their own, and to invite them into the biblical story.”