Accepted Adult & Graduate Students

Welcome to Montreat College! You’re here because you’re dedicated to growth. To a life of connection and clear purpose. And because you’re ready for learning experiences that are as impactful as they are accommodating, all guided by a commitment to Christ. We welcome you to a life of passion, enthusiasm, and intention. Although students do not need to be of the Christian faith, we ask that students have an openness to the College’s mission: Montreat College is an independent, Christ-centered, liberal arts institution that educates students through intellectual inquiry, spiritual formation, and preparation for calling and career.

New Student Orientation

The School of Adult and Graduate Studies offers accelerated programs. Our students are challenged and rewarded both academically and spiritually. The faculty and staff of Montreat College are delighted and encouraged by your decision to further your education and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your educational goals.

This “New Student Orientation” is the first step you will take during your initial registration process and to register yourself with your first class with the College. Read through this document and learn all about YOUR college. Your assigned Enrollment Counselor will meet with you to discuss your transcript credit evaluation and initial course schedule.

Should you have any questions about the contents of this document, please contact your Enrollment Counselor.

Again, we welcome you to Montreat College and the School of Adult and Graduate Studies!

1. General Information

Although students do not need to be of the Christian faith, we ask that students have an openness to the College’s mission: Montreat College is an independent, Christ-centered, liberal arts institution that educates students through intellectual inquiry, spiritual formation, and preparation for calling and career.

Academic Catalog

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the academic policies contained in the Montreat College Catalog. Failure to do so does not excuse students from the requirements and regulations outlined within the catalog. The academic catalog can be viewed at any time.

Course Registration

Registration is held for each term (fall, spring, and summer: all 3 sessions). Students may take up to 2 courses per session. Full registration for your first term will be completed with your Enrollment Counselor.  At the beginning of week 3, you will be transitioned to your Montreat College Academic Advisor.

Technical Support

Students are responsible for acquiring technical support for their computers, including hardware and software issues. Montreat College will not act as a computer consultant regarding purchase advice or hardware and software issues.


Students are provided with a subscription-based license to download and install Microsoft Office for Windows and Macintosh systems. The license is valid while students remain enrolled in courses at the College.

Minimum Computer Specifications Required for all Students

  • Laptops should have a wireless Interface for connecting to Montreat College’s WIFI network.
  • Ability to connect and use a USB Memory Stick. You must also have one for use.
  • Adobe Reader and Flash installed on your system.
  • Windows-based systems must be running Windows 10 or later. Windows XP and earlier are not recommended or permitted on our network.
  • Macintosh-based systems should be Snow Leopard or later, able to run Microsoft’s latest Office release.
  • Most tablets, especially iPads, may be useful, but do not provide enough functionality to use for all work. iPads are not able to display Flash videos. Tablets running Microsoft Windows Pro, however, are sufficient.

Rights Reserved

The College reserves the right to add or delete courses, to change academic policies, practices and requirements or to alter the academic catalog at any time. Courses with fewer than seven students may be canceled due to low enrollment.

2. Financial Services

If a student chooses financial aid as a method of meeting the financial obligations of an AGS program, all forms must be completed and returned to Student Financial Services prior to the start of their first course. All financial aid funds are posted directly to student accounts.

Getting Started

To start the financial aid application process, students must first be accepted into Montreat College and have completed Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Students who are interested in borrowing to finance their education should complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling for the William D. Form Direct Loan through the Department of Education.

Students will be notified on an individual basis of any additional forms needed to complete their financial aid file. You are encouraged to reach out to our office to start the financial aid process or that we may answer any questions you might have.

Eligibility Criteria

To maintain financial aid, students must remain in at least six credit hours per semester in order to remain eligible for student loans. Eligibility for Pell Grants may also be affected by any changes in enrollment. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress (refer to policy for details) and must reapply each academic year for financial aid. To be considered full time, an undergraduate student should be enrolled a minimum of 30 weeks (15 per semester) of instructional time and a minimum of 24 credit hours (12 per semester) attempted.

Students who are in default on federal student loans will not be eligible for any financial aid until the default is cleared through the National Student Loan Database System, or proof is submitted and accepted that the default has been cleared.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students receiving financial aid must maintain satisfactory academic progress. This determination of progress is made at the end of each semester including the summer semester, and before the Student Financial Services disburses any federal aid funds for the subsequent semester. To be eligible to receive Title IV federal funds, Pell Grants, SEOG, Federal College Work Study, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Loans or state and institutional aid, students must maintain satisfactory progress.

Student Loan Grace Period

Students must maintain at least ½ time enrollment or 6 credit hours per semester in order to qualify for the Federal Student Loan program. All student enrollment status is reported monthly to the National Clearinghouse, who then submits this information to student loan lenders. Lenders receive this information regardless of whether or not the loans are received at Montreat College.

Each student loan has a six (6) month grace period associated with both subsidized and unsubsidized student loans. When a student’s enrollment status drops below ½ time for the semester, regardless of what point in the semester it happens, this information is reported to the lenders. Dropping below ½ time in any given semester initiates the grace period. Each time period of enrollment where a student drops below ½ time counts toward the overall grace period on each loan. To prevent using all of the grace period prior to graduation, it is recommended that students maintain at least ½ time enrollment each semester.

Types of Financial Assistance

Federal Pell Grant: eligibility is based on the student‘s expected family contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA and their hours of enrollment each semester.

William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loan Program: Federal Direct Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) are low-interest loans available to assist eligible students. Completion of the Direct Loan Entrance Counseling Interview and Master Promissory Note are required to receive federal loan funds.

North Carolina Need-Based Scholarship (NCNBS) : Scholarship provided by the state of North Carolina for the Fall and Spring semesters for students who have been a North Carolina resident for the last 12 months, be registered for at least three quarter time (9 hours) per semester, pursuing a first bachelor’s degree, and meet financial aid eligibility

Educational Benefits through the Veterans Administration or Vocational Rehabilitation: Veterans benefits are applied for directly through the Veterans’ Administration. To check on the status of benefits, students can contact the Veterans Administration at 1-800-827-1000. You can reach the Montreat College School Certifying Official at

Employer Reimbursement: Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to employees in academic programs. Students should contact their employer for more information and notify the Student Financial Services of any awards made.

The payment of all tuition and fees becomes an obligation upon registration at Montreat College. Students may view their accounts online using the Montreat Access Portal(MAP)- Service on the main page under Current Students. Instructions on how to use MAP are available on the Student Accounts Office web page.


All Student Financial Services forms are available for download on the SFS Forms web page.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Students who anticipate that all or part of their expenses will be paid by employer tuition reimbursement are expected to pay at least two weeks prior to the start of each course with their own funds.

Students that will be using VA benefits and do not receive 100% coverage from the VA are expected to pay their portion of the tuition at least two weeks prior to the start of each course.
Self-Pay student’s tuition and fees are due at least two weeks prior to the start of each course.

A $50 late fee is charged each time a payment is received after the due date. All outstanding balances must be cleared before future course or program registrations will be approved. The College reserves the right to withdraw students from current and all future courses for failure to meet financial obligations.

Receipt Requests

Students may request receipts for reimbursement purposes by submitting a receipt request form to Students who receive financial aid will only be able to receive a receipt after the posting of the grade.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

The following Withdrawal/Refund Policy will be in effect for each student enrolled in standard terms:

  • If the student drops a course before the first week of class or during the drop/add period, the student will not be charged for tuition or fees.
  • If a student drops a course after the last drop/add date, the student will be charged the full tuition rate and fees for that course.

The following Withdrawal/Refund Policy will be in effect for students in non-standard terms.

  • If the student drops a course before the second class meeting, the student will not be charged tuition, but will be charged a $50.00 drop/add processing fee.
  • If a student drops a course after the second class meeting, the student will be charged the full tuition rate and fees for that course.

Credit Balance/Refund Process

Students may receive a distribution of a credit balance from their account during the term, though not prior to the conclusion of the first week of the term or the actual receipt of funds. The Funds Request form can be emailed to your Montreat email by request or obtained from the Montreat College website on the Student Financial Services web page. Pell Grant recipients can request a book voucher for upcoming courses by filling out a Bookstore Charges Authorization form for continuous book vouchers.

Contact Information

Student Financial Services
Phone: 800-545-4656
You can schedule a virtual appointment with SFS.

Next Steps

If you haven’t already, submit your New Student Orientation Acknowledgment Form today! Submission of the NSO will begin your transcript credit evaluation process and register you for your first course. Please don’t delay and submit your form today!