General Education Core

We’re a liberal arts college, and the general education core is our hallmark. Here these foundational courses form the broad base of knowledge that will serve as a foundation for further studies in your major.

Core Requirements

If you are a full-time freshman, you must enroll in BB 101, EN 101, and IS 102 during the first semester of your freshman year and BB 102 and EN 102 the second semester of your freshman year until they are successfully completed. These courses may not be deferred until a later time. They form the foundation for the structure of your in-depth major studies. Learn more about majors and minors.

  • First-year experience (2 hours): IS 102
  • Computer (3 hours): CS 102, CS 102E
  • English composition (6 hours): EN 101, EN 102, EN 103, EN 104
  • English literature (3 hours): EN 201, EN 202, EN 203
  • Bible and religion (6 hours): BB 101, BB 102
  • Mathematics (3 hours): MT 101 or above
  • Natural sciences (8 hours). Choose a discipline:
    • Astronomy: AT 101, AT 102
    • Biology: BL 101, BL 102
    • Chemistry: CH 201, CH 202
    • Physics: PC 131, PC 132
  • Social sciences (9 hours)
    • History: HS 101, HS 102 (HS 201 or HS 202 may be substituted for one semester of HS 101 or HS 202)
    • You must also choose one elective from a 200-level or above in: Economics, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, or History
  • Humanities and arts (9 hours). At least two areas must be represented. Choose from:
    • Art: AR 101, AR 102
    • Music: MS 101, MS 113, MS 114, and a 200-level or above music course (not including applied courses)
    • French or Spanish
    • Philosophy: IS 202, PH 201, PH 301, HS 302
    • BB above 100-level
    • EN above 100-level
  • Faith and learning (2 hours): IS 461
  • Physical education (PE) (2 hours). Choose two PE activity courses. Athletes may receive one credit per semester for full participation in designated college team sports (up to to two credits total). Verification of participation must be provided by the team coach.

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