T2I Wandering Philosophers Outline

Wandering Philosophers

What is it?

Wandering Philosophers are selected out of the Fellowship of Philosophers to lead conversations in the broader Montreat College community. These leaders will initiate and host gracious conversations through the life of the campus in formal and informal settings.

Why do it?

  • Greater campus leadership role in the thought life of fellow students
  • Lead in gracious conversations at “coffee house” events
  • Host various gatherings around difficult subjects and topics, honing personal skills at critical thinking, thinking creatively, problem solving, and communication
  • Be closely mentored by faculty members
  • Work with fellow Wandering Philosophers to engage peers and College-wide constituencies in critical thought.

Who is it for?

  • Students who stand out among the FoP and are nominated by Faculty-fellows to lead in such a capacity.
  • Students who desire to develop higher order thinking, specifically as such pertains to relevant real-world issues.

Nomination Process for Student Members

  • Faculty-fellows nominate students from within their given FoP to become a Wandering Philosopher
  • Wandering Philosophers are nominated in November of an academic year and solidified in December
  • Wandering Philosophers will begin the role in January and fulfil the role throughout the Spring semester.