T2I Fellowship of Philosophers Outline

The Fellowship of Philosophers

What is it?

The Fellowship of Philosophers gather because we believe the Christian Gospel encompasses the whole of life itself. In essence, this means that all things hold together in Christ: art, history, music, philosophy, mathematics, literature, poetry, medicine, law, justice, science. The Fellowship of Philosophers exists to explore Christian thought, dialogue, and imagination at Montreat College by hosting difficult conversations in a gracious forum. We envision a space on the college campus where students and faculty gather to pursue faith and learning together about a broad range of narratives and topics.

Why do it?

  • To engage with issues relevant to life in the world and culture at large
  • To sharpen thinking about a diverse selection of topics and challenging conversations
  • To be mentored by a faculty supervisor
  • To grow with a group of diverse students in life together
  • For free meals once a month
  • An opportunity to develop and practice skills valued in the marketplace

Who is it for?

  • Any returning sophomore-senior student at Montreat College
  • Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Any student who desires to be challenged and grow intellectually through critically thinking and gracious community conversations

Nomination Process for Student Members

  • FoP members will be nominated by faculty and current FoP members.
  • Students will be selected each April and formally announced at the May faculty meeting and in the final Chapel of the academic year.
  • Nominees will be celebrated by Faculty Fellows and current FoPs with a passing of the sash ceremony.
  • Nominees announced in May are for the following academic year.