T2I Faculty Fellows Outline

Faculty Fellows

What is it?

The Faculty fellows create a space for students where pertinent issues are discussed, thinking and reasoning are sharpened, and love for truth is cultivated.

Why do it?

  • To cultivate a hospitable space where gracious conversation occurs around difficult issues.
  • To work with a fellow faculty member, of a different discipline, to model critical thought and gracious interaction for students.
  • To co-host dinner gatherings for Fellowship of Philosophers (FoPs) once per month (dinner reimbursed by T2I)
  • To co-host on campus meetings for FoPs once per month
  • To develop a mentorship/discipleship connection with identified Wandering Philosopher(s) from within one’s given FoP by meeting with that student one-on-one once per month
  • To provide oversight and guidance at monthly Spring “Coffee House Forums” hosted by Wandering Philosophers

Who is it for?

  • Faculty wanting to mentor, disciple, and lead a specific set of students in critical thinking and gracious impact regarding real-world issues.
  • Faculty willing to commit to one academic year in such a capacity.

Nomination Process for Faculty Fellows

  • All-college email sent out in April for initial nomination of Faculty fellows for the following academic year.
  • Top six nominees will be notified prior to the May faculty meeting.
  • Nominees that accept will be announced in the May faculty meeting for service beginning in the new academic year.