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McCALL Continuing Education

Fall Term 2021

Pre-registration is highly recommended due to class size limits and popularity of classes. Please note that due to COVID-19, classes will only be available to Givens Highland Farms residents for the Fall 2021 Term.

2021 Fall Term Classes

Tuesday Classes: September 14th to October 19th
Thursday Classes: September 16th to October 21st
Friday Classes: September 17th to October 22nd

All classes will be held in The Givens Highland Farms Assembly Room (200 Tabernacle Road, Black Mountain, NC)

Inclement Weather Alert

Any McCALL class cancellation will be called in to the WLOS-TV station. It will be listed as Montreat College Center for Adult Lifelong Learning and can be seen at the bottom of your T.V. screen on the local T.V. channel 13 news.

Fall Term 2021 Classes

O Canada – Dr. James Aydelotte & Diplomat Ken Scott Jr. (Tuesdays: 2:30-4:00 PM)

Too many Americans are woefully ignorant about our northern neighbor. European settlement started in Canada just one year after Jamestown in Virginia. Americans three times sent armies to annex Canada – and thought about doing it several other times. But Canada has steadfastly maintained its independence. Join this illustrated course (maps, pictures, videos) and learn the real history of Canada: forging a vast nation bounded by three oceans, conquering a bigger West than ours, instituting what some regard as a superior form of government, providing universal Health Care, becoming our largest trading partner and trusted NATO ally, opening its borders to refugees and immigrants, and developing into a respected force for peace and civility in a war-weary world.

James Aydelotte, a long-time resident of GHF, has earned four degrees, including a PhD from the University of Iowa, and taught European history at several colleges. While his specialty is Tudor-Stuart England, he has read widely about Canadian affairs, and has often taught McCALL courses.

Ken Scott Jr. is a retired senior Foreign Service Officer with 25 years’ experience in Africa, India and Sri Lanka, as well as in Washington’s Bureau of African Affairs in the U.S. State Department. After Davidson College, Ken earned a Master’s in International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. He has taught several McCALL courses and offers weekly current events updates.

Southern Literature – Robert Brinkmeyer (Tuesdays: 2:00-4:00 PM)

This course will look at works from three writers—Bobbie Ann Mason, Barbara Kingsolver, and Ernest Gaines—to explore three very different trends in contemporary Southern literature. We will be reading over the six weeks Mason’s collection of short stories Shiloh and Other Stories and two short novels, Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees and Gaines’s A Gathering of Old Men. While I will certainly have much to say about these three works, my classes are largely discussion-based, so it’s important that participants keep up with the reading so that the course remains lively and informative.

Robert Brinkmeyer is Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina where for many years he was the director of the Institute for Southern Studies and a professor of English.

The American Jesus? – Dr. Douglas Johnson (Thursdays: 9:30-11:30 AM)

Is being a good American the same thing as being a good Christian? Are they opposed? Do they overlap in important ways? This course traces the struggle between faith and culture from Roman times to the present. It does not attempt to arrive at definitive answers but invites participants to come to their own conclusions.

Douglas Johnson holds degrees from the University of Chicago, Lutheran School of Theology and Harvard Divinity School. His PhD (with honors) is in the history of Christian thought. He has received several “excellence in teaching” awards and published several books.

A Brief History of Ireland – Dr. William Spellman (Fridays: 9:30-11:30 AM)

This course will survey the entire sweep of the country’s past, with an emphasis on the modern era. Relations between Ireland and Britain will be at the forefront of the discussion, but larger, trans-national questions concerning emigration, national identity and the nature of state sovereignty will serve as a backdrop to the political and religious focus.

William Spellman is Professor Emeritus of History at UNC Asheville where he has taught early modern English history, world civilizations and interdisciplinary humanities for 30 years. He received his PhD in 1985 from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. His most recent books include: A Concise History of the World Since 1945: States and Peoples and A Brief History of Death.


To register for the McCALL Winter 2021 term, please print and mail our online PDF registration form to Ashley Bond, Special Events Coordinator for Montreat College, at the address on the bottom of the form. Each course is $30. Should you choose to register for 2 or more courses, each additional course will be $20. A printable course description is available for download. Please contact McCALL President James Aydelotte, at 828-707-6363 or if you have any questions.