Montreat College’s Exercise Science program, led by Dr. Robyn York and Jarrett Walbolt, took 15 students to the Southeast Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (SEACSM) Annual Meeting held in Greenville, South Carolina. With over 1,200 participants, SEACSM is a significant regional conference that provides a platform for students and professionals to present research, attend lectures, and engage in networking opportunities.

One of the highlights of this year’s conference was a research tutorial lecture led by Hannah Oliver titled “Body Weight Support Treadmills: Updates and Uses.” Fellow student Ryan Thornburg and Professor Walbolt assisted her presentation and delivered parts of the talk.

“An undergraduate student being deemed expert enough to lead a lecture is highly uncommon and speaks to Hannah’s work and the novelty of her research,” praised Walbolt.

The annual conference also featured a Student Bowl competition that tested knowledge in exercise science, health science, and research. Montreat College’s team of Wyatt Baggett, Tyler Murray, and Hunter Smathers finished 15th out of 32 teams.

“They were a top-5 quality team and chose a risky strategy in a bid to grab the top spot,” recapped Walbolt. “While the final placement was a disappointment to the team, finishing this high despite the way the game unfolded was an excellent performance. Notably, our team outscored the other teams in the statistics category, so major kudos to the work of Professor Robby Webb, Jr. and other mathematics support on campus, including the new inclusion of data analytics into our exercise science major.”

A group of students also volunteered to support the conference by running audiovisual for some presentations. Additionally, both Dr. York and Professor Walbolt served as part of the review committee, which assessed, scored, and recommended presentations to the conference. Additionally, they both chaired and moderated a lecture at the conference.

All seven research abstracts from Montreat’s student groups were also accepted to the conference and presented at the conference in poster form. The 100% acceptance rate was a testament to the quality of the research being conducted at Montreat College.

Montreat College Research Abstracts Presented at the 2024 SEACSM Conference
Biopsychosocial Variables and Changes in Perceived Stress of Student-Athletes: A Proposal
L. Coffing, J. Walbolt.

The Effect of Squat Depth in Training on Joint Angle Specific Vertical Jump
W. Baggett, T. Murray, A. Leahy, R. York, J. Walbolt

Does Anaerobic Speed Reserve and Repeated Sprint Ability Effect Soccer Performance While in Fatigue
V. N. Cardoso, R. York, J. Walbolt.

Relative Validity of Generative Artificial Intelligence Versus Weighted Food Record for Quantification of Caloric Intake
H. Smathers, W. Baggett, R. York, J. Walbolt

Lion’s Mane and Its Effect on Cognitive Function Over Extended Use
D. B. Bennett, M. D. Ellison, J. Connaghan, R. York, J. Walbolt.

Body Weight Support Treadmill for Stability and Cardiovascular Function in Patients Post-Unilateral Knee Arthroplasty
R.A. Thornburg, C. Slack, J. Walbolt

The Effect of a Medicine Ball Workout on Exit Velocity in Baseball Hitting
J. Cardazzone, C. Auger, C. Abshier, R. York, J. Walbolt