Montreat College was recognized with two esteemed awards at the Pathways 2023 Awards Ceremony held on July 26 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

Hosted by Suitable, a student engagement software program, the ceremony honored Montreat College with the Outstanding New Program Award and the Best Marketing Strategy Award for its Montreat 360 program. The awards exemplify Montreat College’s commitment to fostering student success through experiential learning and campus involvement in a wide variety of activities.

“The Outstanding New Program award recognizes new programs that launched in the past academic year and have made a significant impact on student engagement in a short period of time,” said Kelsey Krauss, University Success Manager for Suitable. “This award recognizes you for having a focused implementation plan, dedicated launch team, successful marketing plan, and a solid foundation on which to continue to expand the use of Montreat 360 throughout campus.”

Launched for the 2022-23 school year, Montreat 360 quickly helped students better recognize and communicate their skills, and students completed nearly 10,000 activities within the first nine months. With an emphasis on personal development that benefits personal and professional relationships, Montreat 360 encourages students to build eight competencies that are in-demand by employers: critical thinking, communication, leadership, teamwork, technology, intercultural and global fluency, responsibility, integrity, and ethical judgment and reasoning.

“We are honored to receive the Outstanding New Program and Best Marketing Strategy awards,” said Karen Eilers, the Director of Career Development for Montreat College’s Thrive Center for Learning, Calling, and Career. “Our goal remains to make a difference in the lives of our students by helping them develop a clear sense of their identity in who they are as unique individuals. For us, these accolades confirm our team’s dedication to establishing an environment where students can receive the guidance they need to thrive academically, personally, and professionally.”

Using the Suitable app, students stay informed about campus opportunities and record their participation to help build a professional portfolio. Throughout the program, students receive rewards as they track their progress to earn points and badges.

By earning both the Outstanding New Program Award and the Best Marketing Strategy Award, Montreat College was rewarded for introducing the initiative to its student body and effectively showcasing how the program promotes professional development while nurturing a vibrant Christian learning community.

“I think that Montreat 360 is a really great way to keep track of all the programs I am a part of, and it’s nice to reflect on what I’ve done so far,” said Katherine Wombwell ’25. “The interface of the app is really well organized, so it’s easy to work on all of the different achievements.”

For more information, please visit our Montreat 360 page on our website or download the Suitable app for free on an iOS or Android app store.