Montreat College, an independent Christ-centered liberal arts college, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hannam University, a private Christian university in Daejeon, South Korea, to strengthen academic and cultural ties between the two institutions.

Signed by President Paul J. Maurer of Montreat College and President Kwang-Sup Lee of Hannam University, this collaborative agreement aims to facilitate the exchange of students, faculty members, academic materials, and other valuable information, as well as the development of short-term academic or cultural programs.

“We are excited to embark on this journey of international collaboration with Hannam University,” said Montreat College President Paul J. Maurer. “This agreement represents our commitment to being a leader in Christ-centered education not just in our corner of the United States but globally as well. It also broadens our opportunities to provide our students with an education that prepares them to literally impact the world for Jesus Christ.”

The MOU outlines several key areas of collaboration, including:

Student Exchange: The agreement enables up to two full-time students from both institutions to study abroad for one academic year.

Faculty Exchange: Faculty members have the opportunity to give lectures or conduct research to exchange expertise.

Academic Material and Information Sharing: The MOU encourages the sharing of academic resources to promote collaboration and communication while enhancing the quality of education at both institutions.

Cultural Programs: Montreat students can participate in Hannam University’s short-term Korean Studies Summer Program, which aims for students to experience the richness of Korean culture through first-hand experiences.

“We are enthusiastic about this agreement with Montreat College,” added Dr. Kwang-Sup Lee of Hannam University. ” We look forward to welcoming Montreat College students and faculty to our campus and working together to create meaningful academic and cultural experiences.”

The three-year MOU marks the beginning of a collaboration between the two universities, which are aligned in their commitment to excellence in education, as well as their Christian roots.