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Black Mountain

To put it simply—we’ve grown. So we added Black Mountain as a secondary main campus in 2001. It gave us room to expand our graduate and athletic programs, and it tripled the size of Montreat.


A second home

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The Black Mountain campus is a softly rolling, wooded estate located three miles from the main campus in the historic town of Black Mountain. This 72-acre property was purchased in 2001, and an additional 17 acres were purchased in 2004. Montreat has flourished with the addition of these properties. Originally a conference center, the campus is home to our Manor House, featured below, and the Black Mountain Administrative Center. This center provides office space for faculty and staff in our School of Professional and Adult Studies. Find out more about these programs here.

The Manor House is a 24,400-square-foot facility built in 1920 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally the summer home of electrical industrialist F. S. Terry, the Manor House contains bedrooms, meeting areas, and service facilities—including an indoor pool and gymnasium. The Manor House also provides space for classrooms, a computer lab, and offices.

Roxy Hines Memorial Softball Park

The Howard Fisher Memorial Soccer Field

Black Mountain location

191 Vance Avenue
PO Box 1267

Black Mountain, NC 28711

828.669.8012 or 828.669.9554

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