Keystone Scholarship Fund

What is the Keystone Scholarship?

The Keystone Scholarship is the college’s primary fund from which traditional undergraduate students receive tuition relief. Annual support for the Keystone Scholarship fund is critical for the college to attract, recruit, and retain students who desire the Christ-centered education offered at Montreat College.

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What is a keystone?

A keystone is the center stone within an arch that holds the rest of the stones together. At Montreat College, Christ is our Keystone, and we represent our dependence upon Him with the wedge-shaped stone at the top of the arch in our logo—a visual reminder of our mission. Over 99% of our traditional students receive scholarships, students who depend on the intentional giving of our supporters to attend Montreat College. The Keystone Scholarship is often the piece that holds our students’ education together, making a Christ-centered college education possible.

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Over $1,000,000 is given annually for the Keystone Scholarship Fund.

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100% of the funds raised go directly to support our students.

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450+ students receive Keystone Scholarship funding.

Keystone Stories
Cody Penland in front of a tree

Cody Penland ’17

My family has always been blue-collar. Both of my parents worked in factories or fast food. However, amidst all of that, they always pushed for me and my siblings to get an education. I’m a first generation college student, so my graduating this May means the entire world to my family. Through my experiences at Montreat College, I have seen and felt God’s calling for my life—a desire to educate, to mentor, and to love, just as Christ does.

Emily Howard in front of fence posts

Emily Howard ’17

I would like to say thank you to all Montreat College donors for making Montreat College possible for me. If receiving a scholarship was not an option, I would not be here. I would not be where I am spiritually and academically. Thanks to their gifts, I am able to pursue God while getting a Christ-centered education. Without their gifts, my path in life would be totally different. And I am so thankful for the path I am on today because of their generosity.

We believe in the power of a Christ-centered education. We believe in preserving Christian higher education in our country and our world. And we act on it. So can you.