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We offer a variety of classes on engaging topics taught by local experts—designed especially for our community members. Classes are held at the Givens Highland Farms. We also host regular events that are a great way to stay engaged.

Fall Term 2017

Presentations and Reception
Wednesday, September 13, 2017  2:00PM
Givens Highland Farms, Assembly Room
200 Tabernacle Road, Black Mountain, NC

Come and hear the Instructors and make your choices!

Pre-registration is highly recommended due to class size limits and popularity of classes.

2017 Fall Classes
Mondays:   September 18th – October 23rd
Tuesdays:   September 19th – October 24th
Wednesdays:   September 20th – October 25th

All classes will be held in the Brookside Center
Lower Fountain Room, Givens Highland Farms

Fall Term 2017 Classes

Mondays: 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Financial Workshop; Your Source for Financial Information – Scott Roy
This class presents clear and practical investing information in a clean and comfortable format. You will gain a better understanding of the key principles of saving and investing and learn specific strategies to help work toward your financial goals. Included will be: rules of the road, stocks, fixed income, mutual funds, tax free investing and estate planning.

Scott Roy has served as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones since 1994. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Furman University. He received his AAMS professional designation in 1999 and was recognized as the 2010-15 Edward Jones Performance leader for this region.

Mondays: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The Civil War Era in the United States –Dr. Gordon McKinney
This class will cover the United States between 1854 and 1876. The key event was the Civil War, but it is just one of several important developments to be covered. Other significant innovations in this period include the expanding roles played by African Americans, the industrialization of the country, and the growth of the Federal government. We will also examine the major societal changes inspired by reform movements, religious enthusiasts and national intellectual maturity.

Gordon McKinney earned an B.A. at Bates College and his M.A. and PhD. in history from Northwestern University. He has taught at Valdosta State University, Western Carolina University, and Berea College for four decades. He is the author of four books that cover parts of this course and has taught two previous courses at McCALL. Dr. McKinney lives as Givens Estates.

Tuesdays: 9:30 am – 11:30 am

The European Union: History, Institutions, & Future –Dr. James Aydelotte and Ken Scott
The creation and development of the EU is probably the most important event since WWII. It has amazingly surmounted many obstacles, and is now the world’s largest trading bloc with a population of over 500 million. But it is facing serious challenges: the shakiness of the Euro, an immigration crisis, the impending departure of the UK (“Brexit”), the threat of a resurgent authoritarian Russia, and an American administration that may no longer see the value of an Atlantic alliance. What does the future hold for this vital democratic Union?

James Aydelotte taught history at the University of Iowa and several other colleges. He earned four degrees, including a Ph.D. in European history, with a specialization in Tudor/Stuart England.

Ken Scott, Jr. is a retired Senior Foreign Service officer, serving over 25 years in several diplomatic posts in Africa and South Asia, and in the Bureau of African Affairs at the State Department. Graduating from Davidson College in 1968, he served as a lieutenant in the Third Armored Division headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, and obtained his Maste’rs Degree in Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, before entering the Foreign Service in 1972.

Wednesdays: 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Understanding Science and Technology in our Daily Lives – Dr. Perry Sprawls, with James Poling, Eileen Shea, Calvin Chrisman, and Henry Griffin
Understanding Science and Technology in our Daily Lives – Dr. Perry Sprawls, with James Poling, Eileen Shea,           Calvin Chrisman, and Henry GriffinThis course, led by five scholars in six different fields, will lead us in understanding contemporary issues in science and technology that we encounter in the news, with our medical care, and enjoying life and our surroundings. It begins by exploring our human body with the modern medical imaging methods, followed by using science and technology to explore and preserve your family heritage…what’s in your DNA? In one session we will become “birders” seeing and getting to know the many feathery friends around us. Our climate, “it is a’ changing!” and we will use science and technology to watch it. Then it is off into space with a big view of our universe over time. Are you radioactive? In our final session we will find out the good and the bad.

Perry Sprawls is a medical physicist and bioengineer holding three degrees from Clemson.  During his 45 year career on the faculty of Emory University School of Medicine, his specialization was in the science and technology of medical imaging/radiology and biomedical engineering and electronics.  His role as an educator, in addition to teaching at Emory, includes authoring a series of textbooks, providing extensive online educational resources, and presenting courses at many medical and medical science conferences.  He is the recipient of several national and international awards for his innovations in educational methods and contributions to improved medical science education around the world with an emphasis on the Developing Countries.  The other four instructors are also highly qualified in their respective fields.

Wednesdays: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

French for People Who Want to Have Fun – Dr. Ruth Hoffman
This is the most entertaining language class you’ll ever take! The focus is on learning how to communicate in French on a very basic level, without worrying about grammar. No verb conjugations, no rap on the knuckles for mispronouncing. In fact, you won’t have to talk until you want to. Did you know that in order to remember and be comfortable speaking any new word, you need to hear it between 30 and 100 times? In this class you’ll hear those new words over and over through games, table activities, out-of-your-chair activities for those who are comfortable with them, and just plain interactive silliness. No need to take notes – you’ll receive a handout at the end of each class. No tests, and the only homework is completely optional. The class is designed for beginners, but the last 15 minutes of class time will be set aside for guided conversation among those who already have some command of the language, if appropriate. While the class is active, all levels of physical ability are welcome.

Ruth Hoffman earned her BA from the State University of New York at Albany, and her A.M. and PhD. Degrees from the University of Chicago, specializing in French medieval literature and the French New Novel. She taught French at St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN and at Indiana University at South Bend, then founded her own foreign language services company, Language Resources Ltd. She and her contracts provided training to corporate executives, factory workers, engineers, and many others in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, German, and more for 30 years. The hallmark of her courses was accessibility, interactivity, targeted learning and fun! Ruth lives at Givens Highland Farms.

Please note that we have a total of five course offerings at the Givens Highland Farms location in Black Mountain.
Please send your registration form to McCALL Treasurer, Mr. Bob Shaw, at the address shown on the bottom of the registration form. Each course is $25 and the annual membership fee is $25.
If you are enrolled in the fall term, you will not pay the membership fee again for winter or spring terms.


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